Yule Love Her by Jodi HutchinsYule Love Her by Jodi Hutchins is a delightful novella that’s bound to get you in the holiday spirit.

When Bec Strom is running late, she ends up on a metro bus that is later than her usual bus. She finds herself seated next to an alluring artist named Joy Stevens. Joy is exactly what Bec needs to take her mind off her overbearing boss and the holiday chaos.

Joy is still hurting over the infidelity of her last girlfriend, so she isn’t looking for a relationship. She’s been more interested in casual trysts with no complications. However, things change when Bec walks into her life. A beautiful relationship begins to blossom, but just two days before Christmas they are caught off guard by a stunning realization. Will their new relationship be able to surmount this surprising obstacle?

The Characters

Both Bec and Joy are likeable women working hard so they can afford the high cost of living in Seattle, Washington. They are focused on their career goals. Joy is a graphic artist but her real passion is fine art. Bec is an executive assistant with her eye on a big promotion after the first on the year. Both these women are smart and driven and I think that’s just one of many components that make up sexy main characters. I got a kick out of how surprised each of them was to learn that their attraction to each other was mutual.

Writing Style

Hutchins did a splendid job creating a well-paced plot with engaging characters within the shorter format of the novella. It’s a traditional romance so it follows the familiar formula, but Hutchins added plenty of details which highlighted the delights of the Christmas season. The story is told from both Bec and Joy’s point of view, so I got a nice window into their thoughts and fears.

The Pros

I love it when I find a secondary character that captures my interest as much as the main characters do. It was genuinely fun to get to know Bec’s boss, Chris. She’s a beautiful ice queen with a sharp tongue and an opinion on everything including the way Bec dresses and who she should and should not be dating.

The Cons

Nothing from me.

The Conclusion

I’m no Ebenezer Scrooge, but it takes me longer than most to get into the Christmas spirit. Yule Love Her gave me the nudge I needed to get the decorations out of the attic and start pulling out my recipes for Grandma Judy’s Christmas cookies. This quick read could very well become the kick-off to my holiday season which would be so much more pleasant than hitting the malls on Black Friday. Yule Love Her is full of the sights and sounds of Christmas and goes great with a warm cup of apple cider and gingerbread cookies.

Excerpt from Yule Love Her by Jodi Hutchins

She met the woman’s gaze again. “It’s such a lie about the holiday season,” the woman began. Bec found the woman more striking the longer she stared at her. Little flecks of gold shimmered in her eyes as the sunlight filtered in through the windows of the moving bus, dark freckles scattered over her bronze cheeks and nose.

“What’s a lie?”

“People are nicer during the holidays. It’s the opposite. Have you been to the South Center mall this month? Absolute insanity. Even the little boutiques downtown are crawling with rude and inconsiderate people. I’m thankful in this day and age we can order stuff online and have it delivered to our doorsteps,” she said.

Bec laughed because the woman was right.

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