Wounded Souls by RJ NolanWounded Souls by RJ Nolan is the third book in her L.A. Metro series. It stands alone just fine, so you can start here even if you haven’t read the other two books (but why haven’t you?! They’re great!).

Ashlee Logan lives on the road, filling in as a temporary doctor at hospitals around the country. She keeps to herself, never making friends, and she doesn’t have relationships except with her Great Dane, Drake. Why should that be any different in Los Angeles, even if one of the other doctors is determined to get to know her?

Dale Parker was a doctor in the Navy and now she works steady nights in the ER at L.A. Metro, volunteering during the day at the Veterans Administration hospital. Getting to know Logan is just about impossible, but she can’t help trying. Dale may never have another relationship, but that doesn’t mean she and Logan can’t be friends.

The Characters

Logan experienced a loss that pulled the rug out from under her life, leaving her closed off and unwilling to settle anywhere, feeling undeserving of a loving relationship. If it weren’t for Drake, she wouldn’t have ties to anything, and she resents ever needing to depend on anyone for help. She’s an excellent doctor and a consummate professional, slipping in and out of each hospital seamlessly until she finishes her first assignment at L.A. Metro, leaving Dale missing her.

Dale is warm, kind, and funny. She’s great at her job, staying steady under pressure no matter the situation in the ER. The people at the VA hospital are her family, especially her best friend, Casey. Despite all of this, she doesn’t see love in her future after the way her body was changed by her experiences in Afghanistan.

Both characters have to learn to accept themselves, that each could be attracted to the other, and that they deserve love. I like the way R.J. Nolan explores the idea of physical imperfection and insecurity through each woman—Logan is overweight and can’t imagine someone as muscular as Dale being interested in her body, while Dale doesn’t think she can bare her body fully to someone as beautiful as Logan. I also appreciated that Nolan hit the delicate balance of showing Dale’s frustration and self-stigma about her body without writing about her in a way that is pitying.

The Writing Style

Wounded Souls is well written with an easy style that keeps the pages turning despite the sometimes difficult subject matter. Because I loved the first two books in the series, I was happy to see where Jess and Kim from L.A. Metro and Sam and Riley from In a Heartbeat are now.

The Pros

Everything. I loved the characters, the main relationship, the story, even the dog.

The Cons

I can’t think of any.

taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

If you like medical romances, you’ll love Wounded Souls and the rest of the L.A. Metro series. It stands alone, so you don’t need to read the other two books, but I recommend all three.

Excerpt from Wounded Souls by RJ Nolan

Dale had just taken the last sip of her coffee when the door to the lounge again swung open.

With a scowl, Logan marched into the room, muttering under her breath. A large, multi-colored stain marred the front of her lab coat. When she spotted Dale on the couch, she flung her hands in the air. “What kind of parent feeds their kid with an upset stomach Froot Loops?”

This was the first emotional response of any kind that Dale had seen from Logan. She struggled not to laugh but couldn’t tame a grin. “Wouldn’t have been my first choice.”

Logan stomped over to her locker, popped the lock, and pulled the door open. She tugged off the soiled lab coat.

Dale’s gaze swept Logan’s back. It was the first time she’d seen her without the coat. The tucked-in knit shirt and belted cotton slacks she wore did nothing to disguise her lush curves. As her gaze dropped lower to Logan’s well-rounded backside, she bit her lip. Nice ass. When Logan turned, she quickly glanced away.

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