Wooing The Farmer by Jenny FrameWooing The Farmer by Jenny Frame is an adorable addition to the Axedale romance series. If you are anything like me then you have been waiting in much anticipation for this one as Quade gets her own romance!!!

Sam McQuade (Quade) is a sweet butch farmer who lives in the small town of Axedale. She is quote content in many ways, running the family farm and helping Harry to manage her estate. But Sam longs for love. She wants a wife, someone who she can love and treasure. Someone who she can share her life with.

Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart is a successful vlogger and owner of a food website. She is recovering from an embarrassing public humiliation, having had an epileptic seizure on live television and is looking for some time away from her usually busy life in the city. When she moves to the country to find some rest and relaxation she decides to make it a business opportunity and do a series on country cooking.

In a town as small as Axedale it’s not a big coincidence when Penny runs into Sam and even though they don’t necessarily start off on the right foot it becomes clear that there is a strong attraction between them.

The problem is that Quade cannot leave her farm behind and Penny’s business is all in the city. Can love alone bring a solution that works for them both or are they destined to be torn apart?

The Characters

Penny is a feisty femme. She is determined not to let her condition stop her from achieving everything she wants in life and even though she comes from a wealthy family she has built an online empire on her own terms and without their resources.

Quade is a charming butch. She is sweet and earnest and looks great in a tool belt. She is definitely one of my favourite characters in the series and I am thrilled that she got her own book.

We also see a fun reunion of characters from the first two books and get a delicious insight into their happily ever afters.

The Writing Style

I do adore the way Jenny Frame writes. Her Axedale series is the perfect small town butch/femme romance series and I strongly recommend you get every single one. The stories are crisp, the emotions are vivid and the characters are completely unique and wonderful.

No two books are the same.

The Narration

Nicola Victoria Vincent is the perfect narrator for this series.

The Pros

I loved everything.

The Cons

Not a thing.

sheena's favouritevictorias favourite booksThe Conclusion

In both Courting The Countess and Charming The Vicar we watched Quade stand on the sidelines and wish for her happy ever after which just broke my heart and I was championing loudly for a happy ending for her too. As such, when this book came out I just had to get it and then ended up consuming it at a ridiculous rate.

Even with all the expectations and the fact that I have read all of Frame’s books I was delighted with this one. It was the perfect story for Quade and Frame brought another wonderful and unique character into the Axedale world with Penny.

If you want a great set of romances then the Axedale series should be your absolutely next purchase.

Each book is beautiful. And one of the things I admire most about Jenny Frame’s romances is her ability to make each romance as unique and beautiful as the characters in the story. No dynamic is ever the same and it makes for great reading.

Excerpt from Wooing The Farmer by Jenny Frame

Quade ran over and lifted the woman’s head off the ground, supporting it gently. Dougal was barking, and a little poodle dog the woman was carrying was barking, making the scene all the more chaotic.

“Are you all right, miss?”

“Let me up,” the woman said angrily.

Quade held her there. “Take it easy. You could have broken something. I’ll check you over.”

“No.” The woman pushed against her, and Quade had no choice but to help her to her feet but took care to take her weight.

“What’s your name?” “Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart.”

Quade wasn’t expecting that accent or that name. She sounded just like Harry and Bridge, and there wasn’t a person in the country who was taught history at school that didn’t know the name Huntingdon-Stewart.

“Okay, Penny, I’ve got you. Just be careful.”

Penny put her right foot down and cried out in pain. Quade scooped her up in her arms without a second thought and started for the farmhouse.

“What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing?”

Quade ignored her and said to Dougal, “Watch out for the little dog, Dougal. I’ll come back for it in a minute.”

She looked down at the beautiful woman in her arms, and her heart skipped a beat, despite the scowl on Penny’s face. When she had looked up and saw what Dougal was barking at, she nearly dropped the axe on her foot. The vision of Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart looked so out of place in her driveway. She appeared as if she had just stepped out of a designer store in London and had a chauffeur-driven car waiting for her. Was she dreaming? Penelope was like some kind of vision she had concocted in her mind of everything she found attractive in a woman. A tumble of long wavy blond hair, a beautiful figure, and with her luscious pink lips and nails, so utterly female.

“You better put me down, right now,” Penny demanded.

“I will in a second—I’m just trying to help you,” Quade said.

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Axedale Village Romance

Courting The Countess

Charming The Vicar

Wooing The Farmer

Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781635553819
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  • Audiobook Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
  • Narrator: Nicola Victoria Vincent
  • Jenny Frame Online

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