The Woman In 3B by Eliza LentzskiThe Woman In 3B by Eliza Lentzski is a mile high romance that shows when it comes to time, there’s always enough if you’re willing to make it.

Alice Kaminski works very hard as a flight attendant. She tends to the needs of her passengers with the care and professionalism of a seasoned pro, but it keeps her very busy. Alice doesn’t mind because every flight she works means more money to pay off her student loan debt. What would help even more is if she could win the secret monthly bingo game. That would put a big dent in her debt and give her some breathing room.

Twenty-five different challenges, at various levels of difficulty. Accomplish all of them and win the big pot. The challenge was simple. Spill a drink on an airline passenger and be one square closer to winning. Alice had spilled drinks on plenty of passengers, so she should’ve been able to execute it without issue. That is, until she saw her intended target—the beautiful woman seated in 3B.

Those piercing eyes had Alice changing her mind about spilling the water, but could they also change her in other ways?

The Characters

Alice is a wonderful, nice person, who does well in her job as a flight attendant. She is attentive, charming, and knows how to diffuse situations, as well as when to take the bull by the horns when needed. But she works tirelessly to get ahead. Even when she has a day off, she’s on call and can be whisked away at a moment’s notice. At least, that is her reasoning for not spending time with her sister, nor attend her niece and nephew’s school events, and why she only keeps a turtle as a pet (of course, I don’t fault her for that last one. Turtles are awesome). Despite her busy work life, she does make sure she finds enjoyment. It’s one of the reasons she plays the monthly bingo game. By playing, she gets to be creative with some of the tasks required, and she also is able to have fun in a job that can be monotonous at times. The big cash prize doesn’t hurt either, but Alice is certain she will never win it. So she spends a lot of her time in the air.

Anissa is beautiful, smart, and highly successful. When she sees something, or someone, she wants, she goes after it. Like Alice, her job keeps her on the move. Unlike Alice, she has a better understanding of the value of time. She has a huge, loving family she sees often. She loves baseball and a good whiskey. One thing that is very surprising is how realistic her views are on relationships. She knows her job doesn’t allow for the conventional, but she doesn’t mind having fun with people she likes. Luckily, Alice is one of those people.

Together, they will give the most valuable possession they have to each other. Time. Time to explore, time to learn, and time to see if there is something worth pursuing.

The Writing Style

What I find really impressive is how Lentzski focused on the value of time and how it influenced Alice and Anissa’s choices. From the very beginning, Alice is portrayed as a workaholic. She chooses to keep herself secluded from family and friends, only enjoying small events that will keep her within driving distance of her job. Then she meets Anissa, a woman just as busy and career-oriented. However, Anissa chooses to make the most of her free time, spending it with family and doing things that interest her. This is something that Alice learns to appreciate and finds a longing in herself to make time with her family, instead of always running away and making excuses.

In return, Anissa is able to find in Alice a person who understands the spontaneity of job and is willing to work around it. She sees how much Alice really cares for her, for her friends, and what lengths Alice is willing to go to, and defend, when it comes to someone she cares about deeply.

Each woman understands the demands of the other’s job, but with some creative thinking and ingenuity, they may discover a relationship worth building on the ground as well as in the clouds.

The Pros

There are aspects of this story that have me wanting to be a better, more caring, human being to everyone in the world. Alice and Anissa are who I strive to be when I grow up.

The Cons

Yeah, I finished this book in two days. And that was only because I made myself slow down. Since I finished it early, I didn’t have my next read lined up and ready to go. Best be prepared to enjoy this one so much you need to plan ahead or have a void in your reading for a couple of days.

The Conclusion

I’ve become so familiar with Lentzski’s work, but  this story, with all the familiarity of her writing as well as connecting it to events of today, made the experience so much more enjoyable. I laughed, I contemplated, and I awed over Alice and Anissa. More importantly, as strange as it may sound, I listened to what they were saying. This truly is a sexy, thoughtful story, that may take place in the clouds but is planted firmly on the ground.

Excerpt from The Woman In 3B by Eliza Lentzski

“Water?” I benignly offered.

A slim wrist snapped up to meet the pro-offered water glass. Thin gold bracelets jangled together with the movement.

I stretched my arm in her direction. My fingers lightly flexed around the flimsy plastic cup in my hand. Her long, delicate fingers stretched in the air to barely touch the bottom of the glass. All I needed to do was let the cup slip from my grip and I’d be on my way to completing that month’s bingo card.

I had just made my decision to let go with the woman in seat 3B turned her head to appraise me.

Her hazel eyes locked with mine. The color of her irises looked almost gold. She wore natural-tone lipstick on a full, wide mouth…

“Thank you,” she murmured.

Hers was the first acknowledgement I’d received from a passenger since starting the preliminary beverage service.

I couldn’t do it.

My conscience said one thing, but my hand had other plans. The glass had already begun to slip. My fingers tensed and clenched around the cup before it could drop any further. My entire right arm twitched and jerked up, just enough to change the water’s momentum. And instead of the plastic cup and its contents dropping on the beautiful woman’s lap, I splashed the entire glass of water across my chest. The water wasn’t particularly cold, but I hissed in surprise at the sudden dampness that soaked into my white blouse and bra.

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