Wolf's Eyes by Rae D MagdonWolf’s Eyes by Rae D Magdon is the sequel to The Second Sister and the second book in the Amendyr series. It’s a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood but with an exciting and unique spin.

Wolf’s Eyes can be read as a standalone novel, but I would suggest reading The Second Sister first because there are several references to the first book and the wonderful characters

Wolf’s Eyes tells the story of Cate who we met in The Second Sister. Cate has the ability to know things without being told and to see things before they happen. While Cate’s life has changed for the better and she’s made some wonderful friends in Seria, she’s never quite felt like she belonged. Cate’s mother worked for the noble families, which is how Cate came to Seria, and when her mother died Cate took her place. She is still a servant, working for the same family and on top of that, Cate sees herself as a foreigner in a kingdom where magic is feared instead of celebrated. So she makes the decision to leave Seria and return to Amendyr, her place of birth.  She wants to find her place in the world, search for her grandmother and other members of her family, and learn more about her visions.  On her travels, she’s kidnapped by a witch, rescued by a handsome shapeshifter and joins forces with a strange group of forest-dwellers who also possess magical powers.

Through it all, Cate must learn to control her powers, find a rebel army, and discover the identity of the traitor who is feeding information to the enemy.

The Characters

In the first book of the series, The Second Sister, we saw Cate as the servant girl who was tortured and belittled for many years by Luciana, which features heavily in Wolf’s Eyes as she tries to overcome her emotional scars. For that reason, Cate comes across as a damsel in distress, something that really didn’t appeal to me as I like my protagonists to be strong, confident women. I’m pleased to say that this story allows us to see wonderful character development and growth. Cate starts out as a timid, shy, fearful girl and becomes a strong, powerful, loving woman. We did catch a glimpse of her strength towards the end of the first book, but she really comes into her own in Wolf’s Eyes and slowly the wounds of her past begin to heal. She also finds what she so desperately longs for. Love.

I loved Larna right off the bat.  She’s strong and fierce, yet gentle and kind. She immediately becomes Cate’s pillar of strength, her protector and remains that way even after Cate comes into her own, which I found so endearing. While Larna is a strong character, she allows Cate to see her softer, vulnerable side, which makes for a beautiful, sweet love story. Also, Larna has an interesting dialect. Some people may find this distracting, but I loved it.

The Writing Style

The story starts a little slow for me.  Cate spends a fair amount of time training so she can learn to use her gifts and understand her visions. Having said that, this is an integral part of the story and therefore necessary to move the story forward. I’m so glad I stuck with it because things really get exciting as the story progresses.

Magdon is a genius. I love her writing style because it seems effortless and flows so beautifully.

The Pros

I loved this book so much. I’m a huge fan of an author who can retell a well-known tale and turn it into a creative and unique story. There were so many twists and turns and the fantasy element of the story had me glued to the pages. Oh, and the sex scenes…wow! They were really, really hot.

The Cons

I don’t have any cons but I should mention that Cate makes several references to her rape and torture at the hands of Luciana, especially during her intimate moments with Larna. I wasn’t bothered by this, but if you read The Second Sister and had an issue with that part of the story, then be aware that it does pop up in this book.

Julie's Favourite BooksThe Conclusion

Rae D Magdon has written a wonderful sequel. I love this book so much, and the twist on the Red Riding Hood tale is amazing.

If you love a mixture of fantasy and romance then Wolf’s Eyes is definitely the book for you.

Excerpt from Wolf’s Eyes by Rae D Magdon

After several minutes of running I staggered and gasped for air. The strangers did not seem to be tired at all. I forced myself to keep going for as long as I could, but when I finally fell to my knees and begged them to let me stop, a pair of strong arms lifted me from the ground and carried me. With my cheek pressed against a warm chest, a woman’s chest, I felt the air slide over my bare skin. We ran faster than I had known a person could run, if this woman was a person at all.

The rest of our journey was a blur. When my surprise and fear began to fade, I realized that I was wrapped in a rough blanket. The woman pressed a cup against my lips, and I drank deeply, letting out a grateful sigh in between gulps of water. The cup was pulled away, and I looked into the face of my rescuer. She was very tall, with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Her dark, shaggy hair hung around her face, and her large brown eyes seemed impossibly familiar. I took another sip.

“Better?” she asked in Amendyrri.

I nodded my head. “Thank you. Who are you?”

“My name is Larna. You are safe here.”

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