Wolf Knight by CC Bridges

Wolf Knight by CC Bridges is a fantasy novella that takes the reader on a romantic journey to another world.

Renee Wyvern, Knight of Isaura, Order of the Wolf, has been tasked to escort a noblewoman from the abbey of Elrica to the capital for the great midsummer tournament. It isn’t until she arrives at the abbey that she finds out her charge is actually the Princess Adelaide, and that her mission is to deliver her safely to her brother, the King. Even more surprising is the knowledge that it is the novice Adi, who greeted Renee upon her arrival, who is the princess in disguise. After a mishap their first night on the road, the two must take a lesser known route to the capital, to try to make up time. But the journey is fraught with peril, physical and emotional. Renee knows she can’t stop to deal with a dragon by herself, but Adi’s pleas to help a beleaguered village override her own judgment. But it is the Princess herself who might be the most dangerous threat to Renee’s oaths as a Knight. Because Renee can’t stop thinking about her.

The Characters

Renee embodies the best ideals of knighthood. She’s brave, skilled, protective, and totally badass, while at the same time she’s also thoughtful, kind, and chivalrous, not just to Adi, as the noblewoman she is, but also to the common citizens they encounter on their journey. Renee doesn’t show those qualities whenever they’re needed or useful, she lives and breathes being a knight, and all the ideals that entails. Which is why she’s torn between her duty and her overwhelming attraction to Adi, someone she knows she can never have.

Adelaide is a sensitive soul. An assassination attempt in her teens left her horrified by what she did to protect herself, and she lost the sense of safety she had. She’s spent the last five years at the abbey seeking peace and solace. But she knows those years are over, and it’s time for her to return to the capital and do her duty. She must accept a suitor for marriage wherever her brother deems it best for the kingdom. It’s a shame that it’s only now that she’s met Renee. The knight attracts and intrigues her like no other, but she knows that her own desires mean little in the matter of where she must marry. War is on the horizon, and she must marry for either peace, or for alliance. But she can’t stop what she feels for Renee.

The Writing Style

As a novella, this story has a nice pace, and is an easy and fun read. There are places where the action seems rushed, but that’s an unfortunate side effect of limiting how long the story can be. Bridges does a good job of including all of the information and actions needed to make this story as complete as possible.

The Pros

I liked the lady knight most, of course! The skill and adherence to her ideals was great. I felt a bit sad for both Adi and Renee, because I couldn’t see how they could be together. But there was one possibility – the grand gesture! A challenge and win against the King’s Champion would allow Renee to ask for a boon. The only problem? No one has ever beaten the Champion. I love the challenge against impossible odds in the name of love! I also liked that this was a society that never thought twice about same-sex relationships.

The Cons

As usual in shorter stories, I wish it had been longer. I wish some parts could have been fleshed out, or extended to give more time for actions and feelings to develop.

The Conclusion

This was a nice, short, enjoyable read. Anyone who loves fantasy, and kickass women, would love this little jaunt into another world.

Excerpt from Wolf Knight by CC Bridges

She pitched her words loud enough so Merena could hear. “To slay a dragon a knight does not use a sword. I’d need spears. Many of them, with a solid metal tip. Is there a blacksmith who can make me such spears?”

Another man stepped forward, still carrying his hammer from the anvil. His arms rivaled tree trunks in their diameter. “Aye, Knight Wyvern. My daughters and I can work through the night.”

“And wood for the bases?”

The boy who rang the bell stepped forward. “My friends and I can gather from the woods.”

“And volunteers to provide support?” Renee knew her own skills–Wolf Knights were taught to recognize their strengths and weaknesses without modesty, but they require a healthy understanding of when they needed assistance.

Many of the villagers stepped forward and raised their hands.

“That thing at my brother!”

“I lost my children.”

“Whatever you need.”

Renee felt a flash of shame that she ever considered not helping these people. She exchanged a look with Adi, whose eyes were shining with unshed tears.

“I suppose we are slaying a dragon, then.”

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