Without A Front The Warriors Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey: Book ReviewWithout A Front The Warriors Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey is the third book in the Alsea Chronicles.

If you haven’t read any of the other books then this review contains spoilers. Don’t do it to yourself! Go back and read The Caphenon and Without a Front The Producer’s Challenge before you read this review!

And to be honest, you don’t even need to read this review, trust and believe this book is fantasticle.

The third book picks up in the hospital with Tal recovering from the plasma blast. Salomen and Tal are bonded to each other, without a front between them. Herot has run off without a trace and is now a wanted man.

Inside information has tipped Tal off to corruption within the Council and now she must figure out how deep it goes.

Mayhem is mounting. Will Tal be overthrown? Can she find Herrot in time before he meets his demise? Or will her own actions be her downfall? Chaos is crashing in from all sides.

The Characters

There are many players in this book. Fletcher DeLancey uses a colorful cast of characters in all of her books in the Chronicles of Alsea. There are a few that the story is centered around.

Lancer Andira Tal is the leader of Alsea. Not tall or short, piercing blue eyes, and blond hair. Tal is the definition of loyalty. Truly a warrior at heart and one hell of a politician. Sometimes she doesn’t get it right, but that is just what makes her human.

Salomen Opah is from the producer caste. She is tall with long brown hair and sunkissed skin. Her empathic ability has never been measured but is surely off the charts. She is humble and shows respect where respect is due. She doesn’t take any dokshin from anyone. I truly love Salomen. At the end of The Caphenon, I was pretty upset when Ekatya left. But Tara and Fletcher DeLancey assured me it would be ok and they were more than right. (Yes Fletcher DeLancey will tweet you back, so go tweet her!) Can you blame me for having the hots for a woman who is in control? Especially a tall one. Oh lawd and her sex scene…yasssss!

Micah is Tal’s oldest friend. He’s smart and like a father figure. Really he is a father figure to everyone. I would definitely be lucky to have a friend like Micah.

Vellmar. Yes! She becomes Tal’s new lead guard. Her skill lays within throwing blades and sword fighting. She learned it from one of her mothers, who is legendary with swords. Vellmar is extremely loyal and not for the glory, but because that is who she is. Tara yelled at me because I couldn’t help but drool over her as well. Is she tall? Of course! But she is extremely relatable and I might go as far as to say adorable.

The Writing Style

Just like the other two books, this one is written in third person and alternates perspectives. Events unfold quickly and the writing is very smooth.

I would just like to say Fletcher DeLancey really knows how to write. Buckle your seat belt and hang on because you’re in for a wild ride. Whatever she wants you to feel, she is a mastermind at writing it. You’re just going to have to trust her and don’t read ahead!

The Pros

There are so many wonderful characters to fall in love with. This book will consume you in the best of ways. I loved this book with all my heart.

The Cons

I have to wait for the 4th book to come out! But lucky for me, there is a 4th book coming.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking to get into a quality series look no further. The Chronicles of Alsea delivers with just the right amount of action, intrigue, and romance.

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Without A Front The Warriors Challenge by Fletcher DeLancey

Tal reached into her thigh pocket and pulled out a small device, remembering vividly the last time something like this had been used on her. She motioned Senshalon to one side of the door and Vellmar to the other while she stood directly in front, her thumb hovering over the activation button. Focusing once again, she projected emotions onto the guard inside.

What the shek…? Idiots. What are they doing out there? Irritation.

This one was more resistant than the woman; he was better trained and more highly skilled. But he was no match for Tal. In fact, all three of these warriors were less skilled than she had expected. They felt more like mercenaries than sworn warriors.

Sharpening her senses, she pressed harder.

Irritation. Am I the only one who does my duty? Irritation…irritation…anger!

At last he responded, and she wrapped her front around him as he moved. A heavy footfall landed just inside the door as it was yanked open. “What the—?”

“You’ve been— oh— staring at my legs? I had no idea.”

She loved the way Salomen’s breath kept catching, and chased that moment again and again with her lips and tongue. “How could I not? Besides the fact that you look better than anyone has a right to in muddy work boots…” She ran her tongue across the crease and listened for the gasp. “… every night you came into my room, sat in that chair, and crossed these long legs in front of me. You flaunted them.”

“Now you’re just making it up. I never flaunted my legs. My breasts, maybe.”

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