The Witch's Daughter by Rae-D MagdonThe Witch’s Daughter by Rae D Magdon is the third book in the Amendyr Series.  It’s a retelling of the childhood classic Rapunzel with quite a few twists.

This novel can be read as a standalone, however, it does have characters from the previous novel, Wolf’s Eyes. For those of you who did read the previous novel, you’ll remember a particular character who turned Cate and Larna’s world upside down. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but the clue is in the title of this book.

The Witch’s Daughter is told through the eyes of Ailynn Gothel. Ailynn is the witch’s daughter. She spends her childhood learning how to heal the sick and conjure up the elements, all taught to her by her mother. Her mother adores her and spoils her with lavish gifts of jewelry and gowns. But Ailynn is isolated from the rest of the world and there’s only one thing she really wants. A friend. A playmate. Someone to tell her secrets to. Her wish is granted when her mother leaves their home one morning and returns with a new born baby. Raisa.

Ailynn is tasked with the responsibility of taking care of Raisa, but as Raisa grows so does their bond and Ailynn’s feelings for Raisa grow deeper. She does not see Raisa as a sister and she is far more than a playmate.

When fifteen-year-old Raisa is attacked in the forest, Mother hides her deep in a magic cave to shield her from the world. Ailynn makes the heartbreaking decision to leave her home and Raisa to search for a spell that will free Raisa from her prison.

The Characters

Ailynn Gothel is the main character in the story. The story is told from her point of view so I was able to understand her very quickly. She’s a fantastic heroine who goes to great lengths to save the woman she loves. She’s strong, vulnerable, and real. Her internal conflict over her growing attraction to Raisa was very believable.

Raisa is sweet, innocent, naïve, and completely lovable. It was truly lovely to see her blossom under Ailynn’s guidance and care. Her trust and belief in Ailynn never wavered. No matter what happened to her, she kept believing and putting her life in Ailynn’s hands.

Mother is described by Ailynn as “incredibly beautiful, with skin so fair it could almost be called translucent. She was not a gruesome hag, despite the stories the villagers told.” I loved the portrayal of this character. Watching her embrace evil and slowly descend into darkness was both tragic and fascinating.

The Writing Style

I adore Magdon’s writing style and the writing of this book is perfect. Action, adventure, character development and romance all blended together perfectly to create an amazing story.

The Pros

I absolutely loved the romance between Ailynn and Raisa. They had some emotional ups and downs but they were totally devoted to one another. 

The Cons

There’s a brief sex scene between a man and a woman.

The Conclusion

Julie's Favourite BooksThe Witch’s Daughter is another amazing addition to the Amendyr Series. The deeper I get into the series, the more impressed I am with Magdon’s ability to take completely unrelated fairy tales and spin them into cohesive, adventurous stories. The ending sets the stage nicely for the final book in the series and I cannot wait to read it.

Excerpt from The Witch’s Daughter by Rae D Magdon

“Ailynn, I have been thinking about you recently. You are a grown woman now. It is time for you to take on more responsibility.”

Although I still helped Mother whenever she prepared magical cures for the men and women that came to our house, I had been neglecting my duties lately. Brewing potions and making charms did not hold my interest like it used to. I had poured all of my energy into freeing Raisa from the cave, although I had little to show for it. “What Kind of responsibility?”

“I have decided to leave my practice to you. You are knowledgeable enough and skilled enough to take over for me. I have other projects I want to pursue.”

I resisted the temptation to ask her exactly what these were. Perhaps they were part of the reason she had been disappearing lately. I just hoped it had nothing to do with the books I had seen. Enchanting was dangerous enough, but Shapers were even worse.

I arched my eyebrow. “Are you sure about this? Do you really think I’m ready, or do you simply want to make me forget about Raisa?”

“I know you, daughter. Nothing I say will convince you to stop trying to free her. I am not sure whether such devotion is admirable or foolish, but either way, you cannot spend your entire life obsessing over her.”

I glared at her. “why not? You have.”

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