Witching Moon by Poppy WoodWitching Moon by Poppy Woods is a delightful romance that features a sacred goddess and an endearing witch who fall head over heels in love with each other.

Alandra Michaels believes that she is ordinary in every sense of the word because she doesn’t have any special abilities like her sister and her parents. She even has a huge, harmless moth for a familiar and she isn’t bothered by that at all. Alandra has already accepted the fact that she is the only powerless witch in her family.

That’s what she thought until the unthinkable happened…

When a simple Yule blessing goes terribly wrong and the most enthralling woman Alandra has ever seen suddenly appears in her house claiming to be the Moon herself, Alandra’s entire world is turned upside down.

There’s a pretty good reason why celestials never visit Earth anymore. From the moment dark witches figured out how to harvest their energy so that they could become immortal and all powerful, the celestials had decided to close off all the gateways to their realms forever.

When Alandra makes the biggest blunder of her life by accidently summoning Luna to Earth, Alandra is charged with keeping her safe until she can send Luna back to her realm.

Will Alandra be able to send Luna home unscathed? More importantly, will Alandra be able to stop herself from falling in love with a woman who is destined to leave her?

The Characters

Alandra Michaels is all about the base and treble and she earns her daily bread by creating one of a kind music for up and coming rappers and singers in the music industry. I was drawn to Alandra from the moment she was first mentioned because she reveres the moon as much as I do! Alandra’s parents have always seen her as an oddball and a huge disappointment because she doesn’t possess great powers like everyone else in their family. I just love the way Alandra embraces her uniqueness and I also like the fact that she doesn’t just go along with whatever career her family wants her to pursue. Alandra deserves the highest of fives because she dared to be true to herself in a family that thrives on being extraordinary.

Luna is a well-known celestial being—she’s the moon! She is also a fertility goddess and she controls all the water in the world. There’s no way that I would be able to date Luna because I don’t think my U-Haul can take me all the way to her homeland… Even though Luna is a very important celestial being, she is humble, kind-hearted and she has a wicked sense of humor. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t jealous of the sizzling attraction between Luna and Alandra because Luna has all the qualities that I adore in a woman. Why isn’t this phenomenal woman real?

The Writing Style

Poppy Woods has managed to knock my fluffy bedroom socks off along with my nerdy glasses with her flawlessly and captivating writing style and the lovely characters she has created. I really loved the way this author has portrayed Alandra and Luna’s point of view because I got to experience their bewilderment, sorrow, joy and the undeniable ecstasy they found in each other’s arms as though I was right there beside them. I must admit that I am very impressed with the world building in this story because I could easily picture myself living among the witches of Waitsfield or taking a stroll through the moon blossom fields in Luna’s realm.

The Pros

Who wants to hang out with a stunning goddess who possesses a ton of celestial magic and an adorable witch who stands apart from all the others? Me, that’s who! I can’t tell you how many times I have laughed out loudly at Luna’s humorous wisecracks and Alandra’s witty comebacks but there’s one thing I can tell you and it’s this—I am always up for devouring a story with gorgeous witches and otherworldly beings in it because I’ve got a thing for quirky ladies with supernatural abilities (wicked wink!)

The Cons

I’m just sad that the sequel to this lovely story hasn’t been written as yet.

The Conclusion

aprils favourite booksIf you’re a huge fan of romances that feature lovable witches who have unusual familiars, beautiful goddesses who are feisty to the core coupled with endless family drama and dark magicians lurking around every corner, then this is definitely the story for you!

Trust me, you’ll get sucked into this story so quickly and you wouldn’t be able to tell how long you’ve been caught up in Luna and Alandra’s world and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even care. I have spent my entire weekend binge reading instead of being a responsible adult and look at me now, I’m trying to get all of my housework done on the first day of the work week!

Excerpt from Witching Moon by Poppy Woods

Her eyes meet mine and everything ceases for a moment. I instantly regret speaking so harshly to her. The pale blue—no not blue, not quite—eyes looking back at me are full of confusion.

“Wh—who are you, hot stuff?” I try again, pushing my hair behind my ear. I’m equal parts confused, terrified, and interested in the strange woman standing in my living room. “How’d you get in here?” I don’t move from the door, my left hand still clasping the cold metal firmly in case I need to make an escape.

“I’m Luna,” she murmurs, spinning in a slow circle to look around the room. Her face is pure bewilderment. I’m not sure what she’s so impressed with, our house is modest on its best day.

“Luna who?” I press. “How the hell did you get in here?”

“Mortals sure are surlier than I remember,” she huffs, coming to a sudden stop with her arms crossed over her chest. Her eyebrow arches as her eyes once again meet mine and a zing of electricity arcs down my back.

“Excuse me?” Beezlebub lands softly on the stranger’s shoulder and she turns to face him, running a finger down his fuzzy body.

“Hello!” Her voice sounds lyrical, like she’s talking to a baby. Beezlebub chitters contentedly at her and I narrow my eyes. Traitor. I have to admit, hearing someone be sweet to Beezlebub for once is nice. Everyone was always so scared of him, or squicked out by the fact that he was a moth.

I shake my head as realization slams into me. “Wait,” I snort. “Luna like… like…” I can’t bring myself to finish the sentence. Instead, my fingers point upwards at the ceiling, my eyes trailing from the pale woman to my own fingers as if that will help me understand what’s happening.

“Mhm.” Luna smiles sweetly at me and Beezlebub flies off her shoulder, coming to land on mine. At least he cares enough to know I’m about to fucking pass out.

“Like the Moon?” I ask, just for clarification.

“One and the same,” Luna purrs, picking at the damn near see-through material covering her body.

I shake my head, wagging my finger around as if that’s going to convince the … the… is she a spirit? A Goddess? I don’t know what to even call this woman. A hysterical laugh slips past my lips and Beezlebub rubs his fuzzy face against my neck.

“I summoned the Moon,” I mumble to no one in particular between laughs. “Oh, Goddess.”

At least she’s hot.

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  • ISBN number: 9781656647191
  • Publisher: Indie Author
  • Poppy Woods Online  


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