A Wish Upon A Star by Jeannie LevigA Wish Upon A Star by Jeannie Levig is such a heartwarming romance about finding love and creating a family that is meant to be even when you least expect it.

Leslie Raymond has spent the past two years of her life on an emotional merry-go-round. She wished that she had made a different set of choices from the ones that have brought her so much grief. She decided to pack up her belongings and start over from scratch by moving to a new state altogether. She vowed that she would never get involved with another straight woman or women with children. Leslie has learned a gut-wrenching lesson—some people are only committed to a relationship as long as they are reaping the most benefits and once those benefits dry up, so does the relationship. All of her new, life changing rules have been shattered from the first moment she laid eyes on Siena, her neighbor’s autistic daughter.

The only person Erica Cooper has ever been able to count on is herself. She is no stranger to disappointments and broken promises so she doesn’t expect anyone to stand by her and Siena when things go awry. As long as she doesn’t get too comfortable with having someone special in her life and she sticks to her “no strings attached” policy, then all will be well with her world. Nothing could have ever prepared her for Leslie—a down-to-earth, fun-loving and stunning woman who just happens to be her new neighbor.

Will Leslie and Erica be able to follow their own rules or will they succumb to the undeniable attraction that is brewing between them?

The Characters

Leslie Raymond is a website designer who indulges in her creative world when the sun goes down. She spends her days playing with her new, furry, four-legged family member named Gus and a delightful little girl called Siena, her neighbor’s daughter. Leslie is a woman after my own heart! All of the decisions she makes and the things she does are laced with love, cheerfulness and understanding (I’m not ashamed to admit that I envy Erica and Siena because Leslie is definitely a one in a million kind of lady.)

Erica Cooper is a professor who teaches journalism studies. She enjoys imparting her knowledge and priceless field work experiences to her students. I have so much respect for Erica because she is a working, single mother who goes above and beyond to give Siena everything she needs. I really wanted to reach out and pull Erica into one of the biggest hugs ever but I’m still waiting for the scientists to step up their game and create a machine that would allow me to go through my kindle.

Siena Cooper is Erica’s daughter and she is autistic. This lovely little girl adores animals, enjoys puzzles and best of all, she is a huge fan of bedtime stories! She didn’t just take a piece of my heart, she walked away with all of the warm, motherly feelings that were cooped up inside of me.

The Writing Style

Jeannie Levig has done it again! I was blown away by her flawless writing, the entertaining dialogue between the unforgettable characters she created and the touching moments that left me speechless. In addition, I got unrestricted access to Erica and Leslie’s turbulent emotions as they struggled to tame their attraction and be good neighbors to each other.

The Pros

I am happy to say that I got completely sucked into Erica, Leslie and Siena’s world because stories that feature adorable children are totally awesome to me. I’m always up for learning new things and thanks to this awesome story, I learned about the daily challenges and rewards that parents and guardians of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are faced with. I also learned about the ways they can comfort their children whenever they get overwhelmed or have an ASD episode.

The Cons

No complaints whatsoever!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

My coffee mug is raised in Erica and Leslie’s honor because they are phenomenal women who support each other through many heartbreaking and wonderful moments. They will do anything in the world to ensure that Siena has a life filled with love and laughter. If you have never shed a few tears while reading a book, well, be prepared to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride because these endearing characters will latch on to your heart and they won’t let go!

Excerpt from A Wish Upon A Star by Jeannie Levig 

“Siena?” the woman said, turning her attention to her daughter. “Since you’ve been visiting with our new neighbor, did you introduce yourself like you’ve been working on in your class?”

A tiny frown tugged the corners of Siena’s mouth downward. She rose and walked stiffly to where her mother and Leslie stood.

Leslie fought back a smile in the name of parental solidarity.

“Hello,” Siena said, making eye contact fleetingly. “My name is Siena Cooper. It’s nice to meet you.” She held her hand out to Leslie.

Leslie took it gently, its smallness and fragility bringing a rush of emotion. It’d been a long time since she’d held a child’s hand. She’d missed it so much. “Hello, Siena,” she said, managing to keep her voice steady. “I’m Leslie Raymond. It’s nice to meet you, too.”

Siena turned immediately and went back to sit beside the dog.

Leslie chuckled. “And what about you?” she asked the woman in front of her. “Were you absent that day in class?” She smiled to soften the question to a tease.

The woman’s attention was still on Siena, or maybe the dog. With a start, she looked at Leslie. “I’m so sorry.” She held out her hand. “I’m Erica Cooper. We’ve lived next door for the past four years.” Her fingers were soft and slender in Leslie’s stronger grip, her skin seeming to put off a light glow in contrast to Leslie’s darker olive complexion.

Leslie felt a twinge of loss when Erica released her hand, as though something she’d wanted for a long time had just slipped through her fingers. It was the strangest thing. Was it merely attraction? No. Erica wasn’t her type—or at least if she had a type, Erica wouldn’t be it. Do I still have a type? What had it been? Nine years since I’ve been on an actual date? Who knew what her type would be these days? But it wouldn’t be this woman. Despite her gray hair—probably prematurely gray—Erica was most likely a lot younger than Leslie’s fifty-three years, since she had such a young child, and there was that—she had a child. First and foremost, on Leslie’s list for potential dates, she’d sworn off women with kids. And younger women. “Leslie Raymond,” she heard herself repeating.

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