Whispers Of The Heart by KA Moll starts with Aki Williams embarking on a life changing journey. She travels from her home in Los Angeles to a small town in Illinois with the aim of meeting her biological sister. As a reason to visit she sets up an interview for a job as a paediatric ophthalmologist at the local hospital. She is terrified that she will find rejection but she has been dreaming about her sister and simply can no longer ignore her desire to meet her biological family.

Jack Camdon, who we first met in Change Of Heart, is now settled with a wife and two kids. She is taken by surprise when Aki shows up and tells Jack that they are sisters. Jack is a medicine woman who is deeply rooted in the Ojibwe culture and dreams in spirit animals.

When Aki is welcomed into the family she meets Carsyn, a woman who lost her parents and wife in a car accident three years before.

There is immediate chemistry between the women leaving them both confused, Aki because she has never felt like a lesbian before and Carsyn because she carries old wounds about her wife.

The question is, will they be able to overcome and be together or will their fears keep them apart?

The Characters

Sheena: Aki is so sweet. I absolutely loved her and how she researched being a lesbian. It made me want to laugh and give her a hug all at once.

Carsyn was a brilliant butch character. She was chivalrous, strong where it counted and tender when she needed to be and wonderfully romantic.  She and Aki had some difficulties getting together but in the end they were able to talk about it and make things work, I liked the way this resolved. It gave me hope for the future of their relationship because it didn’t blow up into massive drama.

Jack is such a sweetheart and I loved the small touches that Moll included like her not telling Aki what a particular dream meant because she didn’t want to spoil the surprise. The result of that was wonderful.

April: Aki possesses inner and outer beauty. I admired the way she held herself together throughout her soul searching and during a few other distressing moments. I really didn’t stand a chance with falling in love with her because she gives so much love, hope and tenderness to everyone around her.

Jack is such a phenomenal woman! She handles every situation that comes her way with a limitless supply of grace and a loving touch. She gives a hundred percent of herself to her family, friends and the people she serves.

Carsyn… well, I must say that I’m crushing really hard on her because she has definitely fulfilled some of my dream butch fantasies! She loves the great outdoors, she has a fondness for animals and a healthy respect for ancient cultures. Carsyn is a lovely woman and I was rooting for her to find her soul-mate from the beginning.

The Writing Style

Sheena: Moll kept a number of story elements in the air and managed to weave a  sweet tale of love, friendship and family. I think this may be my favourite of her romances. She put emphasis on things that payed off in the end, there wasn’t a lot of drama in the romance so it didn’t feel forced and she did a lot of nice work with the native American story elements.

April: I just love the fact KA Moll gave me such a unique romantic story that kept me enthralled from the first page. I also enjoyed the picturesque descriptions of the landscape because I felt as though I was seeing everything first hand.

The Narration

Sheena: Emil Beresford did a lovely job. Her characters were always clear and her pacing was great. I found myself wanting to keep listening even when I needed to do something else.

The Pros

Sheena: Just about everything.

April: Who doesn’t love a story about resilient women with tender hearts? I know that I loved every word of this delightful story!

The Cons

Sheena: I love what the cover represents for Moll but I don’t think it is the best illustration of the novel nor do I think it will get the sales it deserves.

April: There’s nothing about this story that I did not love, however, I must agree with Sheena—this illustration doesn’t make the book stand out the way it should.

sheena's favouriteaprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Sheena: If you want a lovely romance especially as an audiobook then this is a good find. It is adorable. The characters are fresh and I love the butch representation. All in all, Moll has a winner with this one.

Also, there are some wonderful twists that I didn’t see coming and was delighted about.

April: This story warmed my heart in so many ways because KA Moll has such a superb ability to craft a story that is heartwarming with realistic elements thrown in. I really enjoyed this story because once again the author touched on a tragic topic and she turned it into something so beautiful. If you enjoy camping, boisterous family get-togethers and a gentle horse or two, then this story is certainly for you!

Excerpt from Whispers Of The Heart by KA Moll

Carsyn sucked in a breath, appreciating the rounded backside of Aki’s mid-rise jeans and the swell of her pink cashmere sweater. Whatever this is, she told herself, you need to shake it off. It wasn’t that she thought appreciating beautiful women inappropriate, it was that she wasn’t in the habit of doing so in public. When the phenomena did occur, it was usually in the privacy of her home, watching television or perusing a magazine, or something. And even then, it didn’t occur that often. I doubt she’s a day over thirty-two, she thought, wondering if being thirty-two would’ve given her enough time to become a pediatric ophthalmologist? So, maybe she’s a little older, she told herself, calculating the number of years it would’ve taken for her to get through medical school, internship, residency, and fellowship—eight for the bachelors and medical school; five for the internship and residency; one or two for the pediatric fellowship—for a grand total of fifteen years. So, she has to be at least thirty-three, she tallied, still ten years younger than you are. She’s too young, not to mention she’s Jack’s sister. Don’t even think about it. She cocked her head, this time appreciating Aki’s bottom as she crawled across the carpet. A heat wave went through as she considered that Jack could be watching her watch her sister’s butt. She stole a quick glance to see if she was, moving toward the door. “Well, I’d better get going,” she blurted out. “Good to see everyone. Catch you next time.”

Aki looked up, their gazes lingering for the longest moment.

Carsyn took a breath, swallowing, and sprinting forward.

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Technically these are all three stand alone novels, but there are character crossovers

Soul Mates

Change Of Heart

Whispers Of The Heart

Bits and Bobs

  • Narrator: Emily Beresford

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