missouri van whiskey sunrise reviewed hereWhiskey Sunrise by Missouri Vaun is the story of two women from completely different backgrounds who meet and fall in love, despite their circumstances.

Royal is the driver for her family-owned boot legging business, driving the illegal alcohol late at night and outrunning the law when needed. Lovey is the daughter of local minister.

Lovey is a widow who has returned home after her husband’s death. She now takes care of her father and plays the dutiful daughter, doing whatever the church needs her to do.

Royal is a fast driving, sweet-talking, poet rebel who could not be further removed from the church life if she tried.

One night, the women meet unexpectedly and there is an instant attraction. Neither of them can stop thinking of the other and it isn’t long before things become physical between them.

Needless to say, complications arise in the form of family, courtship, grudges and the law. And in the end, both women need to make tough choices.

The Characters

Vaun’s character work is good. Her main characters are clearly defined, although I did find Royal’s character to be somewhat one-dimensional. Lovey, though, was an interesting character and I enjoyed watching her battle with the foreign feelings that being with a woman stirred in her. I liked that Vaun stepped out of her comfort zone on this and made the femme, rather than the butch, the character with more growth and a stronger point of view.

The Writing Style

Something happened to Missouri Vaun’s writing. It was like a bolt of writing lightning hit her and took her from promising beginner to seasoned author. I want to give you an example, this is the beginning of Whiskey Sunrise and I swear I can hear the bugs and feel the grass underfoot.

Chapter One

Lovey pushed through the screen door onto the somewhat uneven boards of the long front porch. The air, warm and damp, carried the scent of honeysuckle. A chorus of jubilant cicadas cut across the shadows from the dense greenery that surrounded her father’s house. She stepped off the porch, and sharp tips of grass sorely in need of a trim tickled her ankles and the tops of her feet just below the buckled strap of her shoes as she crossed the lush lawn.

Now that is some good writing.

The Pros

I liked the writing style and I enjoyed Lovey’s character growth.

The research that went into the book is also impressive. You get a good feel for the era, which is fun.

The Cons

I could have used one less sex scene. It felt a wee bit repetitive. Also, I would have liked to see more growth from Royal.

As much as I enjoyed the book, the pricing on most Bold Strokes Books is a little steep, especially on the eBooks. This one seems to be especially high, though.

The Conclusion

I enjoyed the book. It was an easy and unique read. I like the way Missouri Vaun tells stories. You kind of feel like you are sitting right there watching it unfold. The beginning and end were especially strong with a small slump in the middle. Persevere through this, though, because it is worth it.

I really like that Missouri Vaun’s stories, although dressed in the clothes of a traditional romance are more than just that. Not only is this book filled with poetic moments, but it provides something a little different for the reader.

missouri van whiskey sunrise reviewed hereExcerpt from Whiskey Sunrise by Missouri Vaun

Damn! She jerked the wheel in an attempt to miss the ghostly figure flash lit by the headlights.

As the heavy Ford slid through the turn, there was just enough of a rut at the road’s edge to snag the front wheel, hindering Royal’s ability to right the car’s trajectory. Time seemed suspended as the auto skidded, bounced over the shoulder, lost its centre of gravity, and rolled down the slight grade on the outside of the curve.

The throaty combustion of eight pounding cylinders roared as the sedan’s tires left the ground in an airborne spiral. Inside the car Royal griped the wheel with one hand and braced her other hand against the high, curved roof, for a moment suspended weightless.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 978-1626395190
  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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