When-Night-is-FallingWhen Night is Falling is one of my favourite lesbian films. It is the story of a passion that can only come from letting go and being who you really are.

Camille is a school teacher at a heavily Christian school. She is dating Martin and there is talk of marriage. She isn’t happy though and when her dog dies she spends the afternoon crying at a laundromat where she meets Petra.

Petra feels an instant attraction to Camille and switches their laundry in an attempt to see Camille again.

When Camille comes to return Petra’s laundry she is confronted by her own attraction for this strange and outgoing woman.

The story that unfolds is beautifully told and quite brilliant.

The Characters and Plot

Patricia Rozema developed deep and different characters in both women and in the character of Martin. Often I find lesbian films create flat male characters yet Rozema was gentle and understanding of what he went through.

The plot points were spot moving the story forward at a good pace.

The Technical Side

The visual elements were well chosen to reflect the story and add appeal. The lushness of the circus vs the grey of the school was a beautiful visual representation of the juxtaposing worlds.

As Camille’s character grows, so her wardrobe changes and Rozema even uses this to enhance the story by making it an element that is talked about in the film.

The Pros

This is a beautiful story that is told really well. Plus it has the most adorable dog in it.

The Cons

It is difficult to find this film on DVD because it is a few years older. But it is worth the effort.

The Conclusion

This is a brilliant film for any lesbian that likes a good story in a well produced film.

Tip: Make sure to watch a little bit past the end credits.

The Trailer

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One Of My Favourite Lesbian MoviesBits and Bobs

Director: Patricia Rozema

Producer: Barbara Tranter

Starring: Pascale Bussiéres, Rachel Crawford and Henry Czerny

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