weeping walls by gerri hillWeeping Walls by Gerri Hill is the second book with CJ Johnston and Paige Riley as the main characters.

Keepers of the Cave is the first book, so read that review first if you haven’t already.

While I loved Keepers of the Cave, I think that Hill created and even better second book with Weeping Walls.

The story is about an abandoned house in a small town in Houston. Here they find a dead body that is similar to a cold case from fourteen years earlier. The four FBI agents are sent to investigate.

The Characters

The main characters are again FBI Agents CJ Johnston and Paige Riley and their two partners Ice and Billy.

Once again nicely written characters; clearly constructed and likable. You can’t help but enjoy them and want them to win.

The Writing Style

Nice pacing, loads of creepy events and a great all round piece of writing.

The Pros

This is a great read.

The Cons

There is no third book so far. Hint, hint Ms Hill.

Sheena's favourite novels - reviewed on TheLesbianReview.combrooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

This is absolutely one of my favourite novels. Gerri Hill creates a creepy story with great characters and fantastic writing style. She gets the mix of humour, scary and romance very right. I highly recommend it.

Excerpt from Weeping Walls by Gerri Hill

“Mother, please.”

“You’ve been avoiding me for weeks now, Paige Riley. I won’t be put off any longer.”

Paige sidestepped two men in business suits hurrying down the sidewalk like she was doing. She was late. And she was never late.

“Mother, what do you want me to say?”

“I want to know who that woman was in your apartment and why she was half-naked.”

Paige stopped suddenly, pushing her sunglasses on top of her head. “First of all, she was not half-naked. She was all the way naked. And secondly…it’s none of your business.”

She ended the call quickly as she stared up into the cloudless sky.

Did I just out myself to my mother?

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  • ISBN number: 9781594933868
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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