Waking The Dreamer by K. Aten WAS THE BEST! When I had finished I felt like I was in a trance like state. I was too sad and in a state of mourning when this book ended to even THINK about moving on to a new book. This was one of those books where when I wasn’t reading it my brain was trying to figure out which amazing TV show I had just been watching, but oh wait! It was a book! This book!

Less than 100 years into the future a mix of natural disasters, man-made disasters, and severe government overreach has left the world a rough place to live. The atmosphere has become so harsh in most parts of the world that people can no longer go outside without wearing some sort of synthetic suit and helmet, everyone except Dream Walkers. Although technically it is their suit and body that they leave behind.

Dream Walkers are people believed to be able to leave their bodies in a dream state and walk about the waking world without detection. The possibilities for espionage are endless, which is exactly why the government wants control over them. Especially Dreamer Zero, the original Dream Walker.

Dreamer Zero, aka Julia Theil, aka Jules Page has been living under the government’s nose hiding in plain sight for twenty years. Her neat little controlled life undercover is about to blow up on her when the second most wanted fugitive comes crashing down into Jules’ hidey-hole, the first most wanted being Julia Theil. Will Julia be able to help Niko without endangering herself? Will Julia and Niko fall into the clutches of the corrupt dictatorship that is hunting them down?

The Characters

Brooklyn: BOY-OH-BOY I do love me some stud on stud tall lady action! I really enjoyed these characters and seriously became invested in them. The two leading ladies were well written, strong, and intelligent. I will miss them so much.

April: Now, it’s no secret that I just adore butch women and this story gave me these gorgeous butch goddesses to fangirl over! I have a serious fictional love affair going on with Niko because I just love her warm and inquisitive personality. I’m also equally enamoured with Julia because my heart always melts for the strong and quiet butch women who take their time to let someone into their heart.

The Writing Style

Brooklyn: What I really loved about this book was the writing style. Too often do I not want to read sci-fi because the world building is so ridiculous, but not in Waking the Dreamer. I felt like I had a perfect and clear picture in my head without even noticing that the author had set up the world. The book starts right away with pulling you in and the pacing is set in a satisfying style.

April: I agree with Brooklyn a hundred percent! I felt like I was seeing everything first hand and the vivid descriptions of this futuristic world totally blew my mind. The pacing of this story was just right and I really enjoyed the way each scenario unfolded.

The Pros

Brooklyn: What I liked most is Niko. Niko is the secondary female lead but she is tall, and handsome, and sexy, and, and, I am obsessed. Books I can generally remember the whole story but that fades with time, characters I will never forget, and Niko has made my Character Hall of Fame.

April: I really enjoyed living vicariously through these dynamic women! I willingly sacrificed hours of sleep because I am always delighted to read about beguiling women who are not afraid to stand up to anyone who infringes on their rights.

The Cons


April: I’m just sad that the story had to end. (I’m staging a one-woman protest in my living room—Sequel! Sequel!)

brooklyn's favouriteMichelle's Favourite Booksaprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Brooklyn: Honestly I recommend this book to any one of my action readers. While this book is sci-fi it’s not your typical stuck in a spaceship sci-fi. This book is loaded with great characters and an amazing story line. I am sad for all readers who DON’T check out this book because they will be sorely missing out.

April: This story really made me do some deep thinking and it made me open up my mind to the numerous inventions that may become a reality one day. I must say that this book is so much more than just a sci-fi/futuristic story; this story will make you question the way you perceive things and it will also make you take a closer look at what family ties and friendship means to you.

Excerpt from Waking The Dreamer by K. Aten

She didn’t understand and I put my hand on her shoulder. I wanted to feel the solid muscle beneath, to be reassured that she was real. Most of all I needed that simple connection. I wanted that heat that I could feel through her synth-suit. “I didn’t know.”

Niko shook her head at me and a lock of her too-long hair fell into her eyes. “What didn’t you know, Julia?”

“My entire life I’ve associated intimacy with pain and fear. People wanted things from me, they took the things they wanted. And if they didn’t cause me pain then they abandoned me in one way or another. So I ran away from more than just who I was. I ran from everything and everyone. You said it yourself, I’ve been isolated for the past decade.”

“And what didn’t you know?”

I leaned down carefully and placed the lightest of kisses on her lips then pulled back again. Her eyes fluttered open and I saw clearly a reflection of how I felt. “I didn’t know how to connect. As strange as it may be, you’ve taught me the power of connection. I don’t understand this thing between us, or why we of all people met when we did, but I still feel it. Tell me I’m not alone, that you’re as drawn to me as I am to you.”

She nodded, still wary. “I am. But what does it mean to you?”

I pushed that lock of hair back to display the smooth skin of her forehead and remove all obstructions between me and those eyes. “It means that you and you alone woke the dreamer. You’ve brought me to life.”

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  • ISBN number: 9781619293830
  • Publisher: Regal Crest

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