Vortex of Crimson by Lise MacTagueVortex of Crimson by Lise MacTague is the third book in the trilogy On Deception’s Edge. It is not readable without reading Depths of Blue then Heights of Green first.

This book had me clenching my butt cheeks in anticipation while Torrin and Jak worked their way through Haefen to find where Nat has been taken to after being kidnapped.

Nat Ivanov has been kidnapped by the notorious Orthodoxan sniper Crimson. Jak and Torrin only discover this on their trip back to Haefen to get Jak’s data corruption cured.

Crimson is the sniper behind the murders of everyone Jak keeps close to her. During an expedition to the scene of where Nat was taken the notorious sniper strikes again.

The conclusion, there must be a mole amongst the Devonites. Now Jak and Torrin must play their hand close to their chest and try to find Nat before the misogynistic man commits unthinkable acts to Nat or worse, kill her.

The Characters 

Jak Stowell has grown into her own skin. Having to hide as a man for so many years she is finally comfortable being a woman. Now that she is cured she is back on her feet doing what she does best.

Jak is a woman of action and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through her ventures. I was cheering and whooping for her throughout the book.

Torrin Ivanov is still my most favorite character! I cannot help it! She’s tall and gorgeous and as Sheena would put it, “a saucy minx.” I just truly love that about her. She never sits still for too long and generally has me laughing.

The Writing Style 

So full of amazing action mixed in with some good sexy time! I don’t often come across books with such a perfect amount of action and sexy time. Also I found some scenes funny although the book has an overall serious tone.

The Pros 

Besides being just an overall really really good book…

I love the way the action scenes are written out, and there were quite a few. They had me engaged and my heart pounding. My girlfriend even laughed at me due to the faces I would make at the screen whilst reading this book because I was so engaged.

I love how MacTague mixes action and romance.

The side characters were amazing and enjoyable I loved a great deal of them. I would totally read stories dedicated to a few of them.

Lastly, I love the realness or the story. Life isn’t always pancakes and rainbows.

The Cons 

None. Period.

brooklyn's favouriteMichelle's Favourite BooksThe Conclusion

This is an exceptional book to end an exceptional series. If you enjoy les fic with action but would like to also have a little sexy time mixed in this is a great series for that. I recommend getting these books for your kindle and then buying the physical copies so you can hug the books to show your appreciation to them.

Excerpt from Vortex of Crimson by Lise MacTague

There wasn’t much left of the bread loaf in her hands, little more than the heel. Nat considered it carefully before breaking off a small chunk. She didn’t know how much longer she’d have to make the bread stretch. Her captor had taken off three days ago, leaving her a loaf of already-stale bread, some fruit and couple of slices of meat.

“Make it last,” he’d advised her. “I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

Nat shivered. He gave her the creeps. When he looked at her, she was pretty sure he didn’t see a person. All he saw was a pawn in whatever game it was he was playing. She was unaccustomed to being at somebody else’s mercy and she didn’t like it at all. The first couple of days she’d spent in the tiny shack, she’d gone over every inch, looking for a way out.

The shack was a piece of crap. It was maybe three meters on a side and made of wood. There were gaps between many of the boards. She could tell that it had been painted at one time, but most of the paint had long since worn away. The gaps had given her a sense of hope that was quickly dashed. It might be a piece of crap now, but whoever had built the shack had known what they were doing. Maybe if she’d had a tool, something she could have used as a lever, but she had nothing.

The dirt floor was hard-packed and all Nat had accomplished when she tried to dig her way out was to bloody the tips of her fingers and to tear out three nails. He’d noticed, but hadn’t said anything. Somehow, that had been scarier than if he’d screamed at her. His blue eyes had simply traveled over her still-bleeding fingertips. A slight jump in his jaw muscles was the only indication she’d had that he’s taken note. That night she hadn’t gotten any food.

With trembling fingers, she popped the piece of bread under her tongue and sucked on it. Her mouth was immediately awash with saliva. The bread was hard as rock but tasted so good and she moaned slightly. The fruit was long gone. She’d learned after his fist multiday absence to eat the fruit and meat first. They didn’t keep very long. The bread was hard to start out with and once it had gone stale, it would cut the inside of her mouth to shreds if she wasn’t careful. After the scant mouthful of bread had softened, she chewed it slowly, trying to make it last.

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  • ISBN number: 9781594935145
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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