Vetted Further by K’Anne Meinel is the fourth book in the Vetted Series.

Allyssa and Fiona Herriot are enjoying marital bliss while they continue to nurture their dreams of expanding and growing their large animal veterinary practice.

The path of true love never runs smoothly for long. Even though Fiona and Allyssa are always willing to stand together to face any situation, no matter how ominous it may be—their love and patience are stretched to the limit when they try to turn their wishes into reality. They have to deal with jealousy, an unforeseen and near fatal accident and a heart-breaking setback that destroys one of their biggest dreams. Will Fiona and Allyssa be able to overcome the numerous hurdles in their way? Will their love for each other keep them together or will their misfortunes tear them apart?

The Characters

Fiona Herriot is a veterinarian and she owns a large animal veterinary practice. Fiona is a woman after my own heart because she has all of the qualities I adore in a partner. She is a great listener, considerate, respectful and passionate in every sense of the word. I can’t help it—I envy Allyssa because she is married to my fictional crush!

Allyssa Herriot is the phenomenal woman who works behind the scenes. She deals with some of the daily tasks that go hand in hand with running the large animal practice and their ranch. I have so much love for Allyssa because she went above and beyond to learn how to handle animals, run a ranch and set up the administrative side of the veterinary practice. Allyssa is no weakling because she is loyal to Fiona and she is not afraid to stand up to anyone who tries hurt her wife.

The Writing Style

High five to K’Anne Meinel for giving me such wonderful descriptions of the landscape, the adorable and quirky animals and each character’s unique traits. The dialogue flowed effortlessly between Fiona, Allyssa and their family members. I am also pleased to say that I got hooked from the first page (I didn’t skip out on work but I kept sneaking a read every chance I got while I was at my desk!)

The Pros 

I have tremendous respect for couples who bring out the best in each other. Allyssa and Fiona are a perfect match, personally and professionally. They encourage and support each other in every way (I just love stories that feature couples who are fun-loving and down-to-earth like this awesome pair!)

The Cons

There were a few scenarios that were rushed and they could have been expanded to give the story a smoother flow. In addition, I really wished the story didn’t end so abruptly because I wanted to spend a little more time with this delightful couple.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

Who’s the biggest sucker for animals, the great outdoors and a happy couple? Me! I must give this author credit for always giving me realistic characters and situations in all of her stories. I wanted to give Fiona and Allyssa a huge hug because they struggled with old family conflicts, running their business and finding the time to be with each other. There’s no way that you could read this story or any book in this series and not fall in love with these women because I lost my heart to Allyssa and Fiona ever since I read the first book in the Vetted Series.

Excerpt from Vetted Further by K’Anne Meinel

Too often, Fiona or Fey as she liked her best friends to call her, was summoned for a veterinarian call. Her schedule had been very hectic the last month or so. Some of it was due to the ranchers and farmers in the area pulling their stock in closer to home in preparation for winter and inoculating some. And often, it was because the ranchers and farmers wanted to meet the famous, gun-slinging vet, Doctor Fiona Herriot. Her defense of her ranch against rustlers hadn’t gone unnoticed. It impressed many people that she was willing to strap on a gun, shoot to kill, and defend the ranch her grandparents had left her. The fact she was married to a younger woman, who had also drawn her guns and fought alongside her wife, impressed even more. A young, city-bred gal, who had pulled on her boots and was making the ranch a home for the two of them, she inspired quite a few people. And many people wanted to meet them both now. It helped that the local press, the TV station, the radio, and the newspapers had all spread the word.

Allyssa had never gotten so many calls for their large animal practice. She not only got calls for the doctor’s services, but also invitations to dinners and lunches from some of the interested farmers’ wives and daughters. They had been invited to picnics, barbeques, and other social events, but all had to be put off until the rush of harvest and preparations for winter were out of the way. The opportunities for the doctor and her wife to get away together were few and far between. Everyone wanted to meet them both. Some had already met the doctor. A lucky few had met her wife too as she ran the office for Fiona and took care of the ranch when the doctor was away.

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