The Vampire's Prey by Esther J AutumnThe Vampire’s Prey by Esther J Autumn is a paranormal romance.

Rhea loves the thrill of the adrenaline rush, as she robs houses and makes off with dazzling riches. Usually, she gets out before being caught; but not this time.

Gorgeous vampire Camilla Hawthorne isn’t ready to let her go and uses her wiles to keep a hold on the cocksure young burglar.

Rhea can’t resist an older woman, but this one may be more dangerous than she used to. Can Camilla be trusted? Her heart tells her one thing, her head another.

How will the night end? Rhea will have to take a chance and gamble with her life.

The Characters

Of the two characters I was more drawn to Camilla. She was exceptionally hot with a delicious sense of humour. She was lonely after so many years alone and toying with Rhea gave her pleasure. It brought some passion and joy into her life.

Rhea seemed at first to be sure of herself and untouchable. But her weakness for the older woman meant she found it hard to resist Camilla. I liked seeing her question her choices.

The characters were well written and the author certainly brought them to life for me.

The Writing Style

The writing style was easy and fun. I liked the humourous tone and the immersive and sensual nature of the language used. I was surprised in parts as the author dropped hints of the true nature of the world they lived in.

My Favourite Parts

I loved Rhea’s reactions as she became more aware of exactly who Camilla was. But it was the increasingly sexy tease by Camilla that really caught my attention.

The Conclusion

The Vampire’s Prey is sexy, funny and sensual. It is a feel-good short story and exactly the kind of book I want to read right now. I had a smile on my face throughout and left it feeling happy. 

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: B08KM2TYBG
  • Publisher: Indie author

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