The Value of Valor by Lynn AmesThe Value of Valor by Lynn Ames is Book 3 in the Kate and Jay series and this is definitely the best so far. I really loved this book and just couldn’t put it down. Right from the start, I was hooked and it captured me both emotionally and mentally. It has every element you would want with a romantic thriller: political intrigue, adventure, tests of friendship and love, sadness and tragedy. Does it sound as if I was on a roller coaster reading it?

Kate is now Press Secretary to the President of the US and, as the story progresses, everything goes wrong in her life. She and Jay are tragically separated, and she uncovers a plot to remove the President from office. The plot is put in place by a deeply hidden organization with secret members throughout public life. Kate is in a race against time to uncover the organization, its members and what it is trying to achieve.

The Characters

Katherine (Kate) Kyle is under enormous pressure throughout this story, both mentally and physically. In previous books, she has shown herself to be fit, highly intelligent and resourceful, and she needs all these qualities to deal with events in this story. In addition, some of her emotional weaknesses start to become evident, thus adding more complexity to events.

Jamison Parker, meanwhile, is dealing with a raft of issues of her own. She is under a different kind of pressure and shows herself to be stronger than we have come to expect.

Kate’s friends Peter and Barbara have much more decisive roles in this story, and both characters are further developed and show that their friendship and skills are desperately needed by Kate.

The Writing Style

The whole book is a page-turner. From the start, things are happening that you cannot believe would be in the story and as a reader, you will be going “No!” and “Oh no!” It really does grab you that way. I found myself mentally arguing with things that were happening, trying to get the characters to do something different. The way the book was written makes it, as always with Lynn Ames, such an easy read. But she is taking you on a mental journey that is anything but easy.

The Pros

The story for this book in the series is, I believe, the best yet. I had buy-in from page 1 right until the end. It twisted and turned and had me in its grip throughout.

The Cons


The Conclusion

Lynn Ames’s books go from strength to strength as we progress through this series. This really is the best yet. You need to read the whole series to get the best out of them. So go do it!

Excerpt from The Value of Valor by Lynn Ames

“It was a little more than seven years ago, and I was a senior in college. There I was, locked in a tennis duel to the death with my arch nemesis in the final match of my college career. I was about to serve a pivotal point when something on the hillside overlooking the court caught my eye. I looked up, and there she was—this gorgeous girl in a Middlebury lacrosse sweatshirt. She smiled at me. I knew I’d better win the point and the match or I’d feel like a chump.”

The room exploded in laughter.

“Hey, that was a lot of pressure!” Kate waited a beat. Someone yelled out,

“Well? What happened? Did you win the match or not?”

“You bet your sweet bippy I did. Unfortunately, it was another five years before I won the girl. Although, we both agreed we fell in love at first sight that day.”

“Hopeless romantics.”

“Something wrong with that?” Kate shot back in the general direction of the comment.

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ISBN number: 9780984052196

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Note: I received a free review copy of The Value of Valor by Lynn Ames. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion, I refuse to review books.

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