Vagabond Heart by Ann RobertsVagabond Heart by Ann Roberts is a book about embracing the spirit of adventure, appreciating the little joys in life as well as being open and honest to your loved ones about who you really are.

Working as a contractor has its perks and Quinn O’Sullivan gets to move to a new apartment each time she completes a project. Moving around seems to be in Quinn’s blood because her aunt happens to be a renowned travel writer. Quinn’s life seems to be going in its predictable pattern of drifting from one jobsite to the next and helping out her family until she receives her Aunt Maura’s dying request.

Suda Singh is an emergency room doctor and she is a reserved and methodical woman who does not like to take risks. Suda’s carefully planned world is thrown into disarray when Quinn enters her world due to an injury.

What was once a calamity for Quinn turns into a blessing in disguise. Suda agrees to accompany Quinn on her journey so that she can carry out Aunt Maura’s last wish. Both women embark on the biggest adventure of all time on the historic Route 66 highway. Will this adventure only help them to find picturesque views or will both women find themselves along the way?

The Characters

Quinn O’Sullivan is a ‘flipper’, she takes old buildings and she gives them a makeover. She uses her talents in construction to give each building a unique touch and then she sells them. Quinn is my favorite character because I enjoy her dare-devil ways, the strong connection she has to her family and her ‘live for today’ passionate nature.

Suda Singh is an emergency room doctor at St. Joe’s hospital. She has always been cautious throughout her life and she always thinks long and hard before she makes any decision. Suda has a deep love and respect for her parents but their traditional ways and their expectations place a great strain on their relationship and a wide chasm opens up between them. I really like Suda’s mannerisms— she exhibits calm, grace, control and caring with a tiny streak of stubbornness thrown in for good measure.

The Writing Style

This author did a really wonderful job of blending the humor, adventure and romance in the story. The vivid description of the landscape surrounding Route 66 made me feel as though I was in the car accompanying Quinn and Suda on their journey.

The Pros

It was such a delight to read about a main character who works in the construction industry (I just love a woman who is good with her hands). I cherish and enjoy a story that features people of various ethnicities and sexual orientations, above all, I enjoy it the most when the author gives me a glimpse into each character’s inner world.

The Cons

I felt as though a few of the scenes were a bit rushed. These scenes should have been expanded and more details could have been included to give the story a smoother flow.

The Conclusion

I have always loved travelling or just going out to enjoy a relaxing ride with friends and this story rekindled my desire for going on road trips and other adventures. This story will have you laughing out loud, and talking to your kindle as you groan at the crazy decisions the characters are making while you do a facepalm. If you enjoy an adventure/romance story with meddling relatives all wrapped up in a bundle of laughs, then this is definitely the story for you!

Excerpt from Vagabond Heart by Ann Roberts

“As a doctor,” she said slowly, “I must follow up when I notice suspicious behavior.”

“I understand.”

“Did Leslie’s injury—”

“He goes by the name Buzz, just so you know.”

She lost her train of thought and blinked. There was a long pause and only after she took a breath did she continue. “Was Buzz’s injury really an accident?”

Quinn hesitated. She wanted to say something cryptic, something that would prolong the conversation and keep the good doctor from floating away to her next patient, because she seemed almost ethereal. She was lovely. Exotic.

She suddenly remembered Dr. Singh was waiting for her to answer. She swallowed and said, “Yeah, it was.”

Dr. Singh lifted her chin, debating whether or not to believe her. Quinn sensed she was prolonging their meeting as well. Something was happening. The energy in the room shifted. She leaned toward her…

“Are you Dr. Singh?” a woman blurted as she threw open the curtain.

She immediately stepped away from Quinn and greeted her. “I am.”

“I’m Buzz’s wife, Shirley,” the short, plump woman announced. It was difficult to see her facial expression underneath the red Make America Great Again cap.

Quinn stepped behind Shirley and slipped through the curtain, but not before she took one last look at Dr. Singh. Her beauty was unique, perhaps because Quinn didn’t know anyone of Indian descent. She wanted to remember her. For a split second, Dr. Singh glanced at her, as if she were trying to do the same.

Quinn quickly left for the waiting room and reclaimed Rod. Her phone, which she’d set to vibrate, now had five voice mails and three texts. The chance meeting with the beautiful doctor floated away as she plunged back into her chaotic life.

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  • ISBN number: 9781594935626
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of Vagabond Heart by Ann Roberts. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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