Unveiled Attraction by Chelsea M CameronUnveiled Attraction by Chelsea M. Cameron is a super sweet romance about finding love with the one that got away.

As a nineteen-year-old, newly out queer, Maeve Ivey’s first Pride went VERY well, since she was picked up by the completely lovely Cedar Shay. They have an amazing night together, and even though Maeve never gets Cedar’s number, she also never forgets her and how she changed Maeve’s life by being an incredibly considerate first lover.

Fast forward five years—Maeve is running her own bridal shop in Boston and her stylist has just quit, leaving a gap in their service offering. That would be bad enough on its own, but Maeve is also still getting over the way her ex dumped her after their three years together.

Maeve is stunned when Cedar shows up to interview for the open stylist position, immediately remembering their night so long ago. Cedar doesn’t seem to remember her, however, and her portfolio really is good so, against her better judgement, Maeve hires her anyway.

Just when Maeve’s about to snap from trying to play it so cool, she learns that Cedar does remember her. And that’s okay—they just need to keep things professional, which should be easy enough. But can they reeeeeeeally resist their feelings forever?

The Characters

Unveiled Attraction is told in the first person from Maeve’s perspective, so we get to know her very well, including her struggle with the whole “I’m the boss and REALLY shouldn’t want one of my employees this much” thing. We also get to see a lot of her outside of the time she spends with Cedar, which worked well overall.

While I might have liked to see more of Cedar’s perspective, she still shares enough about what she’s feeling that I didn’t feel cheated out of getting to know her too. She’s just so sweet and wonderful that I’d love to get even a short story from her perspective!

People who read Marriage of Unconvenience will remember Cedar as one of Lo and Cara’s friends. We got to see a tiny bit of them, but I would have liked to see more because I still looooove them. (What can I say? I get attached!)

The Writing Style

Like Marriage of Unconvenience, Unveiled Attraction is very easy to get into. It’s paced well and Maeve has an engaging voice. Plus, it delivers an interesting take on the boss/employee romance in light of #MeToo, and I appreciated seeing Maeve’s considerations as she grapples with her feelings for Cedar.

The Pros

Everything worked for me!

The Cons


The Conclusion

There are plenty of second chance romances in lesfic between women who’d had a previous relationship, so I liked seeing the whole “the one that got away” take in Unveiled Attraction. Chelsea M. Cameron is one of my authors to watch out for now and I’m excited to read whatever f/f book she has in store for us next.

Excerpt from Unveiled Attraction by Chelsea M. Cameron

I ate a takeout lunch at my desk while answering emails and finally got to check on Cedar in the afternoon. She was organizing the makeup counter and looked up guiltily when I knocked on the door.

“What? I wasn’t doing anything,” she said, holding her hands up as if she’d been doing something naughty.

“What were you not doing?” I asked, walking into the room and trying to keep myself from trembling at being in her presence. She wasn’t a fucking angel, she was a human being, but that didn’t calm my racing heart.

“Rearranging things? This was a hot mess and I was wondering if it would be possible to order some better organizers?” I had no idea what she needed, but if she did, then I would pass her my credit card and give her all the numbers.

“Yeah, we can do that. Anything to make working in here more comfortable for you. How is it going so far?” She beamed at me and I could sense a nervous energy coming off her in waves.

“It’s going great. I have one more appointment today, and my first bride did awesome. She’s having a bohemian wedding on a beach, so I gave her a subtle look and loosely curled her hair. I also suggested a place where she can get good fake flower crowns.” She could have been telling me how to castrate a rat and I would find it fascinating. I loved hearing her voice and seeing her so excited to talk about something. She sparkled.

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