Her-Unexpected-Mistake-by-Jesalin-CreswellHer Unexpected Mistake by Jesalin Creswell is set in historic London. It is the story of two women brought together by chance.

Dahlia escapes a terrible home life by cutting off all her hair and dressing like a boy. She takes the name Freddie and finds herself unexpectedly in the employ of a woman named Amelia.

Amelia has inherited her husband’s company after his death. She is a savvy businesswoman, but a woman none the less and so she must hire a male advisor who can guide her in the right direction. In an effort to get her own way she hires the first young man she comes across. It just so happens to be Freddie.

There is an attraction between the two women, but can they get past the façade and be together?

The Characters

Dahlia is a lot milder than Amelia who is a little spitfire. However, she is certainly no shrinking violet and I enjoyed both characters tremendously.

The Writing Style

Creswell writes beautifully. I loved every moment of this book.

The Pros

It is a great read. An absolute must. There was a couple of lovely twists and revelations that really kept it exciting.

The Cons

It ended.

The Conclusion

It is a short read but such a full one. Creswell take you on a journey to London and you can practically hear the clip of the horses feet along the street beside you.

Excerpt from Her Unexpected Mistake by Jesalin Creswell

High up above the jagged rooftops of London, a beauty peered from a stained and mottled window at a radiant slice of crescent moon, peeking between sheets of inky fog. The lamps were dim over the pavement beneath her, barely apparent against the mist. The time was not yet five in the morning. There would be no better moment than this one to make her move – but she has to do it quickly, without hesitation, almost without thought.

But she couldn’t quiet her beating heart, or the shaking of her sweaty palms as she ran her fingers through her hair and reached for the dull steel scissor blades stowed beneath the sill. Roughly, hastily, she grabbed hunks of heavy, raven hair and cleaved it from the roots. She worked quickly, without a mirror, caring only that the hair be gone, and her broad, sharp jaw could emerge unhindered by feminine waves and curls. She’s seen cads on the streets with worse barbering, and all that presently mattered was getting everything under a cap.

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  • Publisher: LoveLight Press

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