Under-A-Falling-Syar-by-JaeUnder A Falling Star by Jae is the story is about Austen and Dee, two women who couldn’t be more different and yet they work so well together.

Austen gets a new job as a secretary. Her first assignment is to decorate the Christmas tree in the lobby.

Dee, the company COO, is walking through the lobby at the end of the day when she stops to fix the Christmas tree lights. While trying to correct the off centre decorations the star at the top of the tree falls off and hits her on the head.

Austen is in the lobby at the time and sees a woman getting hit by the falling star. She takes the stranger to the emergency room and finds herself intrigued by this woman who is both strong and vulnerable.

Dee doesn’t like to accept Austen’s help but the feisty new employee won’t take no for an answer. In an attempt to nurture the budding friendship Dee fails to tell Austen that she is really the COO of the company.

The question now is what will happen when Austen finds out that Dee lied to her? Can these two women from very different positions in the company deny their attraction to one another and keep their jobs?

The Characters

Jae handled both women well. Austen is a feisty little woman who doesn’t let Dee get away with anything.

Dee, on the other hand, does what she needs to do to keep the company going and sometimes that means playing the bad guy where the employees are concerned. Jae wrote this with a believability that feels like she intimately understands the role of a corporate manager and the internal battle that they face when doing their jobs.

The Writing Style

The pace was great, the story flowed and I kept being drawn back to the book, even when I had to put it down to get some work done.

Jae’s writing style is simple and uncomplicated which is good for light romance work. It keeps the text easy to follow and the story moving along.

The Pros

This was a good book. Well worth a read.

The Cons

I didn’t like the cover and the Amazon blurb was a little different to the actual story.

annas favourite booksThe Conclusion

Great book, despite the cover. Well worth a read for any lover of light, lesbian romance.

Excerpt from Under A Falling Star by Jae

The woman, clad in a pantsuit that hugged her shapely hips, definitely wasn’t part of the marketing department. Austen would have remembered colleague with such a sexy ass. So what the hell is she doing rearranging my tree? She rolled her eyes at herself. My tree? Still, she couldn’t help feeling a little protective as she watched the stranger manhandle the tree.

The woman pulled another light off a branch, making the tree start to sway and dislodging a few snowflakes.

“Careful!”Austen shouted.

Still holding on to the tree, the woman whirled around. The top branches tilted.

Austen surged forward, but it was too late.

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  • Publisher: Ylva Verlag e.Kfr 
  • ISBN: 9783955332389
  • Jae Online


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