Unconventional Lovers by Annette MoriUnconventional Lovers by Annette Mori is a story about healing from past hurts, doing what brings you joy and breaking away from other people’s expectations.

Bri and Siera are young women who just want to follow their hearts and live their lives by doing the things that make their souls sing. This should have been a simple task but the world is not kind to people who do not measure up to what society deems as normal.

Olivia is Bri’s aunt and she will do anything in her power to ensure that her niece gets to live the life she has always dreamed of. She has a booming veterinary practice that she pours her heart and soul into because it distracts her from her solitary life.

Siera has a well-meaning but overprotective mom, a loving but reserved father and aunt Deb, a fun-loving woman who would move mountains for her.

Each woman faces their own trauma, disappointments and ostracism. Will Siera, Bri, Olivia and Deb find the life and the love that they so earnestly seek?

The Characters

Siera is a young woman who wants so many things out of life and she is determined to have them one day even if she has no idea how she will achieve them. She really wants to have friends, a job she would enjoy and above all, she wants to make her parents proud of her. Nothing in her life could have prepared her for the day she crossed paths with Bri.

Bri leaves her parents’ farm to live in the city with her Aunt Olivia. She really enjoys taking care of animals and some would say that she has a special, calming touch when it comes to soothing the anxious fur babies. Bri’s world opens up when she uses her intuitive gifts with animals at her aunt’s veterinary clinic and she makes awesome friends who think the world of her.

Deb is an emergency department nurse. Loving the wrong woman has left deep scars on her heart and she is no longer willing to take a chance on love again. She moves through life with a carefree and jovial disposition. Deb forms zero romantic attachments until one woman sparks her desire for something more than a shallow connection.

Olivia is a self-employed veterinarian. She puts her all into her job because she loves what she does but she also wants to keep busy to fill the emotional void in her life. There was no way Olivia could have envisioned the way her life would be forever altered when she brings Bri to the city to live and work with her.

The Writing Style

This is a well written literary tapestry that focuses on the lives of four extraordinary women and other vibrant and hilarious characters as well. I really love the way the author gave me such a vivid description of the women and their personalities because I could easily conjure up an image of them in my mind.

The Pros

I really enjoy reading books that feature adorable pets! This story does not disappoint because I got heart-melting descriptions of beloved cats and a cute dog. I also enjoyed this story because I got to see what a day in the life of a veterinarian looks like.

The Cons

I have no complaints because I loved every word of this story.

The Conclusion

victorias favourite booksaprils favourite booksThis story pierced my heart because it is a heartwarming story about two amazing young women who want to experience everything that life has to offer them. They want to live their lives on their own terms despite the assumptions and prejudices of others. I must say that I got really attached to these beautiful characters and I was sad that the story had to end because I enjoyed following their journey toward self-discovery and autonomy. If there are three things about this story that I can attest to, it will be these—you will love every word of this story, it will touch you so deeply and in ways you never would have expected and you will be upset that it ended too quickly.

Excerpt from Unconventional Lovers by Annette Mori

“Hi,” the young girl called out.

“Hello,” Siera tentatively responded.

“Do you want to feed the geese?”

Siera squinted her eyes and noticed the thick, golden blonde hair pulled loosely in a ponytail. It was beautiful. She had an urge to touch the soft strands. Siera had always been a tactile child, wanting to touch everything soft and shiny. This young woman’s hair glinted in the sunshine.

“You have beautiful hair,” Siera blurted out.

The young woman blushed. “My name’s Bri. What’s yours?”


“You can help me feed the geese if you want. They won’t bite,” Bri offered.

Siera wasn’t so sure about that. She’d seen the geese get aggressive before, but she had to admit they seemed subdued today.

“Okay,” Siera said.

Siera sat next to Bri on the bench and closely scrutinized the young woman. She was about the same size, probably not more than five feet tall. Siera hated the extra few pounds around her stomach that made her look dumpy. She noticed the young woman wasn’t as lumpy as she was and wondered if she did some kind of special exercise to combat the genetics associated with their syndrome.

Siera surprised herself when she asked her about it. “Do you exercise or something? I wish my stomach was flatter.”

Bri squinted and smiled again. Her eyes traversed across Siera’s body. “You look fine to me. I like to bike and feel the breeze in my hair. Aunt Olivia always yells at me to wear my helmet. As soon as I know she’s not watching I take it off.”

Siera couldn’t help herself, she reached out to touch the golden hair. Bri didn’t pull away from the fleeting touch.

“I think we’re going to be best friends,” Bri declared.

Siera nodded. She’d never been anyone’s best friend. In fact, she’d never had any friends. Her heart raced at the thought of having just one. Somehow, she knew, in that instant, her life was changed and would never be the same again. It was a welcome adjustment.

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