Twist of Fate by Syd Parker is the story I would expect if the movie Twister was about two women. Parker gives us the excitement of chasing twisters across the plains of the Midwest and shows us that outrunning a tornado may be easier than outrunning your heart.

Storm chaser, Remy Tate, knows all too well that Mother Nature can be a real beast when she wants to be. It’s one of the main reasons she has dedicated her life to chasing storms. She wants to save as many lives as she can from their devastation. Unfortunately, her fast-paced life doesn’t leave much room for anything else except sleep, food, and hopefully time to catch the next storm. Romance is not in the forecast for her, but when a familiar wind crosses Remy’s path, she can’t help but wonder maybe the twisters aren’t the only thing worth chasing.

Sarah Phillips started her career as a meteorologist, content to call the storms at a safe distance. But after one amazing night with Remy eight years ago, she yearned for something more exciting. So, she falls hard for Remy’s career and becomes a storm chaser. As for falling for Remy? Well, let’s just say that Sarah keeps that night fresh in her mind, if only to make sure she doesn’t repeat it.

As the storm season picks up, Remy and Sarah cross paths time and again. Remy would love nothing more than to have a repeat of their passionate night, but Sarah will do everything she can to not fall for Remy. Will Sarah allow Remy back into her life? Or will the twisters of the Midwest scatter their one chance at love?

The Characters

Parker does well to give us four women who are passionate about storm chasing. In addition, she gives each of them amazing individuality. So, it’s easy to fall in love with them and continue to be charmed by their personalities.

There’s Remy, the charismatic, thrilling storm chaser who does whatever she can to get the data to help save lives in the event of a tornado. Remy’s chasing partner, Carmen, a hot Latina woman, is more than willing to go along for the ride. While she loves chasing storms, her real passion is chasing women.

On the other side, there is Sarah. She is just as passionate as Remy, yet not as much of a risk taker. She looks at storms by the numbers and unless the situation calls for it, she does her best to keep herself and others out of harm’s way. Sarah chases with her cousin, Parker, who may not have Carmen’s Latin blood, but she does share her passion for women.

There isn’t much depth to these characters outside of their ability to chase storms and get under each other’s skin. However, they are fun, intriguing, and have you laughing at their banter and ability to keep each other sane during those long months on the road.

The Writing Style

What I really love about this story is how Parker is able to give the reader a sense of what the life of a storm chaser requires. Most people see the action-packed aspect of chasing rogue tornados and being trapped in the middle of a horrendous storm, but there is a flip side that is not so glamourous. There’s a lot of traveling, isolation, and unseen hope that what you’re doing is making a difference to save lives. This is not an easy profession by any means, and Parker makes sure that the reader understands this. By presenting how Remy and Sarah chase, Parker is able to illustrate their motives and what drives them into the storm head on. Yet Parker also lets us feel empathy for what they’re missing in life by doing such a dangerous profession. It is the latter that really permits the reader yearn for Remy and Sarah to be together in the end.

The Pros

Parker does an amazing job of keeping all four women interesting. It’s so important with such a small cast, and Parker pulls it off well. So much so, when you’re reading about Remy and Carmen, you’re wondering what Sarah and Parker are doing. It’s this constant interest in what the other is doing that is important to keeping the reader engaged in the story.

The Cons

Parker’s style of a slow burn romance is always my favorite. However, even with that magic on hand I still had a little trouble buying that it was eight years since the last time Remy and Sarah hooked up. Yes, the animosity was there between the two, but the attraction was so palpable from the beginning that I would’ve believed it was four years since they last hooked up more than I believed eight.

annas favourite booksThe Conclusion

Parker delivers on point with a fun story that highlights a very dangerous and intriguing profession. She takes her patented slow-burn romance style, combines it with the high intensity of storm chasing, and gives us a great story that has you on the edge of your seats until the very end. Please pick this one up and just see how enticing chasing the storm can be when it’s in the heart of the woman you love.

Excerpt from Twist of Fate by Syd Parker

Remy sat down wearily, the day’s events taking a toll on her mentally and physically. No matter how much she enjoyed the chase, it always wore her out. Her gaze met Sarah’s and she smiled a cute sideways smile. She wrapped a light brown curl around her forefinger. “You got your hair cut since I saw you last. It’s cute.”

“Don’t.” Sarah whispered, her blue eyes blazing. “It won’t work this time.”

Remy flashed her an innocent smile. “What?”

“You know what I mean.” Sarah said sternly. “Don’t think you’re going to act all cute and it’s going to get you anywhere this time.”

“What do you mean, it’s not going to get me anywhere?” Remy asked innocently, but her eyes sparkled mischievously. She leaned in closer and whispered in Sarah’s ear. “You mean back in your bed?”

Sarah’s face turned five shades of red. “Yes. Whatever that was between us was a one-time thing. No amount of tricks is going to make me repeat that mistake.”

“Tricks?” Remy asked. “If I remember correctly, there were no tricks, and you seemed to enjoy yourself as much as I did.”

“Ooh!” Sarah groaned. “You never change.”

“Nope.” Remy was beaming.

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