Turn-Back-Time-by-RadclyffeTurn Back Time by Radclyffe is a medical romance. This is one of the genre’s she does best. This is no surprise considering she was a surgeon and she can add a depth to the characters and the story that others can’t.

Turn Back Time is about two medical students, Pearce Rifkin and Wynter Thompson. Pearce is Chief Surgical Resident and following in the footsteps of her father. The last thing she wants is to fall for the new surgical resident, Wynter.

Pearce and Wynter and drawn to each other and yet they are afraid to do anything about their attraction. Pearce works most days and is planning a time consuming career, she has no desire to become involved in anything that will pull her away from being the best. Wynter is a recently divorced mother who is still recovering from the pain caused by her failed marriage.

The drama that unfolds is beautiful and stirring.

The Characters

Sometimes when I read lesbian romances I can see a loved one in the author’s work. The way she describes how a character looks at the other or a moment shared between the two seems so real that I can see the writer taking it from her own life. There were moments like that in this book. Moments that made me see the love that she shares for her spouse.

I enjoyed the characters in the book, although not far removed from most of her romances, this one was perhaps a little more special.

The Writing Style

Well written. Excellent pacing and a great sense of balance.

The Pros

Turn Back Time is a great book and well worth a read. Although there are very few Radclyffe books that I would not recommend.

The Cons

Turn Back Time is a great title, but I am not sure it really fits with the book. It isn’t a big deal, just a small observation.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

This is a good read, especially if you enjoy angst. Go out and get yourself a copy. It’s a fun, romantic novel with a number of gorgeous moments.

Excerpt from Turn Back Time by Radclyffe

“Pearce,” Winter whispered. Whatever was happening, she couldn’t let it. But as she slipped further into Pearce’s eyes, she couldn’t recall why not. She forced herself to focus. “Don’t.”

“Hmm?” Pearce lowered her head, intent on capturing the hint of spice that was Wynter’s scent. She slid her hand around the back of Wynter’s neck as she very lightly kissed the tip of her chin where the bruise shadowed it. Her lips tingled and she tightened deep inside. “Better?”

“Much,” Wynter said teasingly, hoping to make light of the moment.

“It gets better,” Pearce said, her lids half closed, her mouth closing in on Wynter’s.

“I…Pearce…wait…” Wynter’s cell phone rang impossibly loud, and she jumped. She fumbled for it, unable to look away. Pearce’s mouth was an inch from hers when she whispered, “Hello?” She listened, staring at the pounding carotid in Pearce’s throat. “I thought you weren’t coming. Okay. Fine. I’m in the bathroom. I’ll be right out.” She closed the phone. Her voice was thick. “I have to go.”

“Why?” Pearce kept her hand on the back of Wynter’s neck and caressed her softly, tangling her fingers in Wynter’s hair. She knew what she saw in Wynter’s eyes. She’s seen it before, but it had never stirred her quite like this. “Got a date?”

“No,” Wynter said as she gently backed away, escaping Pearce’s grip, if not her spell. “It’s my husband.”

Standing absolutely still, Pearce said nothing as Wynter stepped around her and hurried out. When the door swung closed, leaving her alone, Pearce said nothing as Wynter stepped around her and hurried out. When the door swung closed, leaving her alone, Pearce bent down and retrieved the forgotten white card. Winter must have dropped it. She ran her thumb over the type, then slid the card into her breast pocket.

Goodbye, Wynter Kline.


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