Turbulence by EJ NoyesTurbulence by EJ Noyes is an erotic romance story. The story is also about being true to yourself, knowing your worth and living a life free from keeping up appearances to impress others.

Isabelle Rhodes is a very wealthy and powerful stockbroker who carries a huge chip on her shoulder due to her recent break-up. With her history of failed relationships, Isabelle began to believe the angry words that were flung at her by her ex-girlfriend, “You suck at relationships.” That sentence alone made Isabelle quit seeking long term relationships and she began to be more adventurous. Despite all of Isabelle’s best intentions to have a no-strings-attached sexual meet up, she was shocked to discover that her one-night hook up turns out to be her newly hired “every day, at your service Ma’am” company pilot, Audrey Graham.

This was not how her adventurous wanderings were supposed to go! She needs to do something about the predicament that she is in because workplace romances are a no-no in her book. No matter how much Isabelle tries, she can’t dispel the persistent craving she has for Audrey. Audrey Graham doesn’t make things easy for Isabelle. She is not afraid to voice her desire for Isabelle and wear her down until she gives in. Can Isabelle have more than just a casual affair with Audrey despite her poor track record?

The Characters

There’s not enough words or ways for me to express my love of Audrey, but damn she’s divine! She is the woman I have been dreaming about marrying ever since I was knew I loved women. Her laid back personality caught me from the beginning. The care and love she showers on the people she cares about is so heartwarming that couldn’t help but wish she was a real, flesh and blood woman!

Isabelle is such a sweetheart once you get around her reserved nature and her trust issues. She is a dynamic woman who has had a difficult past with loving and being loved by others. Her talent at running her business, her generous heart and her attempts to balance her personal and professional life made me love her almost as much as I love Audrey!

The Writing Style

The entire story just flowed from the first page! E. J. Noyes did a superb job of bringing out Isabelle and Audrey’s personalities, faults, erratic emotions and the burning passion they shared. The chemistry between both women was so palpable! I felt as though the writer drizzled every word she wrote with love, combustible desire and intense longing.

The Pros

Ahhh! I am thrilled beyond measure that one of the main characters is a pilot! I really enjoy stories where the women excel in male dominated fields.

The Cons

I just wish this story did not have to end (sigh)…

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This story is a very steamy, pulsating, can’t keep yourself from squirming erotic romance! I was delighted to read a romance that ignited so much desire in me. The desire for the book to never end, the desire to read many more stories like this one and the desire to be Isabelle for just one day so that I can experience some of the smoldering passion that she shares with Audrey (I know it isn’t humanly possible but a girl can dream). This story will meet and surpass all of your expectations. If you don’t mind taking cold showers for days on end after reading the story, well my friend, this story is for you!

Excerpt from Turbulence by EJ Noyes

“Your name,” she mused. “Isabelle… Isabelle.” The way she said it felt like she was testing the way it rolled from her tongue. “Such a pretty name. I’d like to use it more often, if you’d allow me.”

I shifted my gaze from her lips to her eyes. “How exactly?”

A slow smile spread across her face. Audrey lowered her voice fractionally. “In conversation, over dinner, screaming it as you lick me.”

If I wasn’t sitting on a stool, I would have melted to the floor. Audrey placed her hand on my wrist. “Why don’t you finish that drink and come back to my place. Or we can go to yours.” The woman oozed confidence and sensuality, every word had me on edge.

Despite all I felt, I couldn’t stop thinking about complications. Consequences. That damned piece of paper we’d have to sign. I spun my glass between my fingers. “I really shouldn’t.”

She grinned. “I do a lot of things I shouldn’t, Isabelle.” Her teeth found her lower lip. “I’m willing to bet you do too.”

“Sometimes,” I admitted, closing my eyes briefly. “But still, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“You and I have different opinions on what constitutes a good idea.”

I shook my head. “I need time to think. I’m… unsure about what I want.” It wasn’t exactly true. I knew what I wanted, but I needed a strategy.

“I’m not. I want you,” she said simply. “And from the way you’re acting, I think you want me too.” She swallowed the last of her wine, stood up then leaned down and kissed my cheek. “Enjoy the rest of your evening, Isabelle. I’ll see you soon.”

She left me sitting there with two body parts pounding and only one able to be tamed.

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  • ISBN number: 9781594935619
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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Note: I received a free review copy of Turbulence by EJ Noyes. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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