Trickey-Wisdom-by-Camryn-EydeTricky Wisdom by Camryn Eyde is a brilliant find. I must give credit to Fiona, one of my tweeps (twitter community). She told me that she had just finished it and that I absolutely had to read this book. She generally gives great recommendations so, naturally, I read the book.

Well, she was exactly right. This is a fantastic book. It makes my must-read list.

Tricky Wisdom is the story about Darcy Wright. She is deep in the closet and has been in love with her best friend, Taylor, since junior high.

At the beginning of the book she leaves the small town that she comes from in order to study medicine at Harvard. She moves into an off campus apartment with, Olivia, another medical student.

Olivia is neurotic, anal and brusque. But she is also brilliant and beautiful and ends up changing Darcy’s world when she agrees to pretend to be Darcy’s girlfriend in a scheme to help Darcy win Taylor’s affection. But plans never quite work out as expected.

The Characters

Camryn Eyde says this about her work: “I write a variety of genres, but the one I’m most passionate about, and the one I spend dreamless nights thinking about, is lesbian romance. It’s an exciting genre that highlights the wonderful complexities of women. We’re all beautiful, intricate, amazing creatures with an enormous capacity to love.”

Admittedly, this is the only book of Camryn Eyde’s that I have read but she has nailed the complexities of women in this novel. Her characters are flawed, stupid and brilliant, beautiful and cruel. I could not put this book down because each line had me tantalized by another aspect of one of the women.

The Writing Style

The story was so captivating and the characters so real that I forgot to notice the writing style. That means two things, first is that her novel was not bogged down by unnecessary words. Every line meant something and every piece was worth it. And secondly, that it flowed so effortlessly that I forgot to read and was able to just enjoy it.

Characters are a huge strength for Eyde, I believe that if this book is anything to go by then she is one of the best character creators in the lesbian genre.

The Pros

This is one of the few novels that I have read with a character who you start hating and end up loving. It was a brilliant journey. It was an exciting transition and I am thrilled to find an author who managed such character complexity in such a light book. Often this sort of character growth only really happens in heavy, dramatic novels but Eyde is obviously a genius who had figured out how to change the way lesbian characters are portrayed.

The Cons

I am sitting here trying to think of a con but I just can’t. The book was an absolute must read. So, go get it.

Sheena's favourite novels - reviewed on TheLesbianReview.comtaras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

If you want a book that leaves you feeling satisfied, a book that leaves you wanting to start again from the beginning, just to take the journey again, a book that might just change your life a little bit then get this one.

It is without a doubt one of the best books that I have read this year.

Excerpt from Tricky Wisdom by Camryn Eyde

She cocked her head at me as she looked up from her textbook. “Yes?”

“You know how to cook.”


“I don’t.”

She scoffed in agreement.

“Will you cook for me?”

Her eyebrows smacked into her forehead. “Excuse me?”

“I, ummm, well…I’ll contribute to the food and wash up after.”

“While I act as your personal chef?”

“No, not exactly.” I groaned and sat in the chair at my study desk and looked over to Olivia. “Okay, maybe that is what I’m asking. Maybe you can teach me some stuff?” Enough so I can cook more than omelets and then I’ll leave you alone.”

“And what, exactly, do I get from this?”

“A personal dishwasher?”


“Umm…” I scratched at my eyebrow. “I’ll clean the bathroom for the rest of the school year.”

She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms, looking interested, but not convinced.

“I’ll stop drinking straight from the milk bottle.”

Her face contorted to one of disgust. “You drink straight from the bottle?”

“No.” I looked anywhere but at her horrified expression. “Of course not. I was just saying that, if I did, I’d stop.”

“Damn right you’ll stop.” She shuddered in revolt. “Fine,” she snapped a moment later. “You have bathroom duty, weekly bathroom duty, dish washing duty, and you’ll stop being a repulsive wretch with my milk.”

I grinned, victorious and enthusiastic about being nutritionally proactive. “Awesome. Thanks.” I dashed across the space between us and hugged her spontaneously. She was like hugging a plank. All stiff and splintery.

“You will also never do that again,” she said when I pulled away.

“You betcha.” I winked at her earning an eye roll.


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