Tricky Chances by Camryn EydeTricky Chances by Camryn Eyde is pure genius. Eyde should absolutely win some kind of awesomeness award for this book. But before I fangirl so hard that I pass out, let me start at the beginning.

This is book 2 in the Tricky series and follows on from Tricky Wisdom.

In this book Darcy and Olivia are a couple in their final years of Harvard Medical School. The pressure is increasing and their down time is practically non-existent. This is enough to put strain on any relationship. Add to that a troubled past and some differences in personality and suddenly the couple are not sure they can weather the storm.

Wait, don’t go!

Yes, I know that it sounds like “urg, yet another troubled relationship novel” but it really isn’t. Okay well it is, but it is also brilliant. Eyde’s character work in this book is incredible. Her revelations and character growth are so good that you will not want to put the book down.

When I was done reading it I sat for a few days stunned, wondering what had just happened to me. How could I read a book that was essentially about two women who have a fight and love it THAT MUCH? Know what? I still have no idea. I still can’t quite put my finger on why this book is as brilliant as it is. So you are just going to have to believe me and read it anyway.


I love that Eyde added some adorable side characters that made the story even more enjoyable. Include some of the fun characters from the first book and you have a winner.

PS, I LOVE Taylor’s storyline and can’t wait to see it concluded in the next book (It will be, right Camryn?)


The pacing is spot on, the character work is perfect and the book manages to be even better than Tricky Wisdom (which I adore).


I am terribly worried, though because this book has set such a high standard that it is going to be impossible to please me now.

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The Conclusion

You need to read this book. Like, go get it right now. And if you haven’t read Tricky Wisdom then start there because it is so much more satisfying when you start from the beginning.

I’m totally serious. If you are looking for a book then this is the one. So stop reading and go get it. Right now.

Oh okay, fine. Read the excerpt first. Then go get the book.

Excerpt from Tricky Chances by Camryn Eyde

I was in a dream. A perfect, glorious dream. In my arms under a clear blue sky, was the woman of my life. Olivia Boyd. She was the perfect mix of soft, tetchy, alluring, obnoxious, confident, and anal. In most ways, she was my exact opposite. The neat to my aesthetically relaxed. The organized to my haphazard juggle of life. The tall to my short.

Her black hair shined in the sun. Each strand glistening as it waved in the breeze. The gentle gusts were cool against our nude bodies, while skin between us was sweaty and hot. Her startling blue eyes were half-lidded and staring at me as I tried to give her pleasure. I moved my gingers again and those eyelids fell shut.

“Darcy…” she whispered on the wind.

I moaned and joined our lips together.

Every dream since we first consummated our relationship had been like this. Hot, steamy, and had always awoken me with a distinct sticky feeling between my legs. I smiled into the kiss knowing full well how this dream ended.

A loud buzzing caught my attention.

I pulled back as buzzing began to ring in my ears, and my face fell into a frown.

A second later, I woke up.

My phone alarm was blaring into the darkness. I rolled away from Olivia muttering curse words under my breath. What idiot made my phone blare offensive music into the dark? Scattered with sleep, and aroused from my dream, I knocked the phone to the floor and fell out of bed trying to reach for it. I was awake enough for details to come back to me as I rubbed my head.

Medical rotations.

I silenced the alarm at four-thirty-two. I needed coffee.

Grabbing the pile of pre-prepared clothes Olivia had made me get ready because “I’m not putting up with you charging around the closet like a lost albatross in the middle of the night.” I scowled at the insult. I was nothing like an albatross.

I closed the bedroom door and switched on the light, promptly blinding myself to everything for a good twenty seconds. A lot of damage can be done in twenty seconds, and I proved it by stubbing my toe, hoping backward into the coat rack, collecting my head on an empty hook then tripping over hard onto my knees on the kitchen tiles. Keeping my wits about me, I didn’t swear at the top of my lungs like I wanted to, and groaned for a long time instead.

“Why are you acting like a wounded cow in front of the fridge?”

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I hope you actually followed my advice and got it because it is just so darn good.

Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number:  9781520898988

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Note: I received a free review copy of Tricky Chances by Camryn Eyde. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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