Treasured by Poppy WoodsTreasured by Poppy Woods is a captivating enemies to lovers fantasy novel that features majestic dragons and a headstrong and gorgeous princess who is willing to break away from her kingdom’s long-held traditions in order for her to be true to herself.

Fear is a very powerful thing indeed because Taryn of Vanir has always been afraid of the dragons that reside in the mountain ranges at the edge of her father’s kingdom. She thinks they are wicked and greedy beasts who only care about accumulating gold and other dazzling treasures by any means necessary.

When a knight invades a dragon’s nest and finds an heirloom that belonged to Taryn’s deceased mother, the king of Vanir believes that the dragon who murdered his wife is very much alive and on the prowl in the mountains.

Niressa is a beautiful teal and rose dragon and she will not rest until she can reclaim her stolen treasure. She kidnaps Taryn because she wants to punish the kingdom of Vanir and she uses the princess as a bargaining tool so that she could get back her most valuable treasure.

It is a well-known fact that the dragons of Lazeorat will go above and beyond to defend their nests and their hoardes—they will murder to build it and protect it. Taryn really doesn’t want to be in the middle of all this drama and she certainly doesn’t want to become the newest treasure item of the hoarde.

Things are not always as they seem and Taryn learns this firsthand when the dragon turns into a stunning woman. Taryn begins to question everything she has ever been told because Niressa shatters all of her misguided beliefs about dragons.

Will Taryn and Niressa be able to find a way to build a life together despite the fact that humans and dragonkin have been warring for centuries?

The Characters

Taryn is a princess and she is her father’s only heir to the kingdom of Vanir. Niressa comes from a long line of noble dragonkin and she lives on the outskirts of Vanir. These wonderful women come from two totally different backgrounds and they rubbed each other the wrong way at first because they are both terribly stubborn and stuck in their ways. Niressa and Taryn eventually warmed up to each other because they realized that they both want the same things in life—peace of mind and a long-lasting emotional connection and mind-blowing chemistry with another woman.

I must say that these characters were well fleshed out because I could easily picture their facial expressions in my mind and I even imagined what their voices would sound like if they were real.

The Writing Style

Poppy Woods has earned two coffee cup honors from me because she has taken me on a wild and passion-filled ride with Taryn and Niressa during the wee hours of the morning! I’ll always remember this book as the one that I couldn’t put down even when my eyelids were putting up one hell of a fight to remain wide open. I just love how this author portrayed Taryn and Niressa’s innermost thoughts and emotions because I could easily understand the deep-seated fears and insecurities that influenced some of their choices and actions. Last but certainly not least, Poppy Woods has done a fantastic job of giving me the raw and unfiltered descriptions of the scorching hot passionate moments between Taryn and Niressa. Those scenes were so palpable and I had to take several cold water showers just to cool down.

The Pros

There be fierce dragons in here! I think this story was written with me in mind because I adore all things dragon related. My book dragon is over the moon with endless glee because Niressa has become her one and only woman crush. There’s nothing in this world that can possibly be better than hanging out with a feisty princess and a dragon who’s got a ton of witty comebacks. I really wished that the kingdom of Vanir was real because I would have loved to visit this world of fearsome magic and mythical creatures.

The Cons

I need to be totally honest here—this story was way too short for me because I wanted more of Taryn and Niressa!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

If you enjoy intriguing fantasies that have healthy doses of romance and humorous banter, then I know that you’ll definitely enjoy this story because it has all of those things and so much more. I couldn’t get enough of the priceless and meaningful life lessons that were sprinkled throughout this novel and I must admit that my book dragon and I have become huge fans of this author’s writing! I will always be on the lookout for more entertaining novels from Poppy Woods.

Excerpt from Treasured by Poppy Woods

It’s uncomfortable, the way she eyes me. It’s as if she’s eying a juicy steak. “Are you going to eat me?” I ask, realizing she never really answered my question before.

“You’d be barely a morsel,” she growls. She? I realize I’ve been calling the dragon a female in my mind because of the coloring, but I could be wrong about that. How does one tell with their kind?

“Are you a—” I swish my mouth to the side, wondering why I even care. I suppose it makes a difference in how I speak to the strange creature. “Are you a female?”

“Is that important?”

“Not really,” I mutter. “I was curious because of your coloring. I’ve never heard of a dragon with your coloring, I assumed you must be female… and then I realized how sexist that was. You could be male. I suppose you don’t get to choose the color of your scales any more than I was able to choose my hair color—”

“Is there a point in there, somewhere, princess?” The dragon tilts its head to the side and for a moment, I could swear she looks amused. I’m almost certain it’s female.

I open my mouth to answer but a chuckle fills the cavern.

“I am female,” she finally answers before making her way back toward the ledge. Her tail flicks toward a tunnel in the back of the room I didn’t notice. “You’ll find a room with water—”

“This isn’t some friendly visit, dragon. You’ve taken me hostage and I want to return home. I have nothing to do with your quarrel with my father or his men.” I know I shouldn’t antagonize her. I know I should go find whatever room she was telling me about and be a good prisoner until someone rescues me or I escape, but something about the creature’s nonchalant attitude emboldens me.

“They took my most prized possession, princess. I will return you when they return what is mine. That’s fair, isn’t it?”

“A person and a trinket are hardly equal,” I mutter, tugging at the side of my dress. The lacing is digging into my skin, a byproduct of it being worn too long or perhaps from doing too much physical activity while wearing it. Ballgowns are not meant to be worn during attacks and kidnappings, after all. I roll my eyes at that thought.

“Yes,” the dragon huffs, laying down near the ledge. “But you’ll have to do.” Her lips curl up in what looks like a smile and I narrow my eyes, biting my tongue against the words I have for that.

I trudge through the cavern, ignoring the chuckling behind me as I make my way into the dark tunnel. A few torches line the stone walls, lighting up the otherwise dark, stone tunnel with flickering firelight. As I mutter to myself about the ridiculousness of being compared to a piece of jewelry—even if it’s very nice jewelry—I run my hand along the wall, waiting to find this room the dragon spoke of.

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