treasure-by-rebekah-weatherspoonTreasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon is a beautiful new adult romance novella that has a compelling, relatable rich girl/poor girl story. I remember getting excited when she talked on Twitter about writing a stripper romance featuring two black girls, and this didn’t disappoint.

Alexis Chambers is at a strip club for her sister’s bachelorette party when she sees Treasure and can’t keep her eyes off her. She’s uncomfortably aware that she’s the only lesbian of the group, and it’s all she can do to keep it together when one of her sister’s friends buys her a private dance with Treasure in a VIP room.

When Alexis walks into her computer science class a few weeks later, she’s surprised to see Treasure already sitting at a table. Except Treasure is Trisha Hamilton, who has finally pulled together the necessary credits to transfer to a four-year university. Trisha remembers Alexis very well, and as they strike up a friendship, finds herself more attracted to the sweet, shy baby butch all the time.

The Characters

Alexis is only 18 and is trying to balance her new life at university with her parents’ worry and disappointment following her difficulties the year before. I particularly appreciated that she is in control of her mental health recovery, and knows what she needs to do to keep herself in a good place, even as she continues to try to meet her family’s expectations.

Trisha is balancing a lot of responsibility between school, work, and helping her mother take care of her foster siblings, but she makes time for Alexis and both are better for it. I loved that she never apologizes for her job, even while recognizing that it’s time to figure out her next career.

The Writing Style

Treasure is very well written, addressing difficult themes in a style that’s highly readable and entertaining. All too often, mental illness and sex work end up being portrayed in a way that’s stigmatizing and belittling, but that never happens in Treasure. Love is for everyone, and the first blush of their attraction and coming together is adorable.

The Pros

A sweet, lovely romance with characters that are a joy to read about. Also, I love the cover.

The Cons

This isn’t really a con, but if you’re expecting an erotic romance like Rebekah Weatherspoon’s other lesbian books, you won’t find that here.

Tara's Favourite Novels reviewed on on TheLesbianReview.comThe Conclusion

If you want to read a quick, new adult romance, look no further. Treasure is wonderful, celebrating love between black girls, and it’s not to be missed.

Excerpt from Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon

She hit play then put the tablet on the counter between them so they could watch and eat. After they were done with their lunch, Trisha patted the space next to her and pulled the tablet into her lap. Unsure but tempted by the closeness, Alexis hopped up beside her. She tried to relax as Trisha moved closer so they were touching, thigh to thigh. She tried to blame it on the shared earbud, but things only got worse when Trisha put her head on her shoulder.

“Why do white people move into houses like that?” Trisha asked. “You can tell that it’s haunted from the outside.”

Alexis chuckled. “Our house looks like that.” Three levels, white with black shutters. More rooms than necessary, cavernous bathrooms, and deep closets.

“Did all the townspeople tell your parents not to move there because a family died in it, and it’s been haunted ever since? Do the windows and the basement look like portals to hell?”

“No. It’s ghost free, and my mom keeps it nice and bright. Even the attic is furnished,” Alexis replied. She jumped, though, just as the first glimpse of a ghost crept from the daughter’s bedroom door.

“Don’t worry,” Trisha teased her. “I got you.”

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