Tread Lightly by Catherine LaneTread Lightly by Catherine Lane as a personal pick of mine. The moment I saw it in the Ylva newsletter I knew I had to read it. I waited and waited ever so patiently forever (less than a month) and when I finally got my hands on the book I devoured it. The wait was definitely worth it. I loved every word of this book.

Claire has been a fairy godmother for a long time. Like most godparents Claire works for the Fairy Godmother Council or FGC. The FGC is in the business of Happy Ever After. The only problem is that their methods are antiquated and they are losing clients fast.

A case is handed down from upper management to Claire and she hopes that this case could save the LA branch of the FGC from closing. Claire expects her client to be another 21st century brat, but this time she’s wrong. This case might be the case to change the methods of the FGC and save her company. Until Tamiel, a guardian angel and the FGC’s rival, shows up.

Tamiel swears she isn’t there to claim Claire’s client and a twist in the case forces the two to work together. Everything the FGC taught Claire about the GA, she starts to realize, is completely wrong and that there is more to a happy ever after than falling in love.

The Characters

Claire is the highest ranking godmother you can be without being on the Fairy Godmother Council.  She is true to her character which seemed like someone awakening from a deep sleep who had been going through the motions for so long, realizing that she wanted something more for her happy ever afters. She was an enjoyable strong female lead.

Tamiel I would describe as a puppy and I love her so much for it. Her purity and innocence was so sweet I could just squeeze the crap out of her. She deserves so many good things in life…if she was real of course.

The Writing Style

It was an adorable little story with excellent pacing.

The Pros

I definitely loved Tamiel the most. That is my new Bae. I miss her already.  #TamielComeBackToMe

The Cons

The book was short! I wanted more in the best way.

brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

A fantasy story can be so much fun when it is written correctly. Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane falls into the  written perfectly category. It’s a fun temporary escape into a magical thrilling world.

Excerpt from Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane

She was a chatty thing. Before today, Claire would have put hard money on angels being reserved and dignified, but this woman acted like she was starved for conversation. Claire wasn’t sure she minded, though. Tamiel’s voice was deep and rich with just a hint of breathiness at the edges. She had also assumed angels would sound like trumpets or choirs. Crazy. A lot of her presumptions were turning out to be wrong.

“Tamiel,” she repeated. The name was strangely familiar on her tongue, as if she had said it a million times already. “Twice in one day. Is this going to turn into a habit?”

What am I doing? Am I flirting with her?

“Goodness, I hope not.”

Claire winced. Not the answer she had been hoping for. Son of a banshee. She did want to flirt with Tamiel.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9783955338176
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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Note: I received a free review copy of Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.

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