Trafalgar & Boone and the Children of the Burnt Empire by Geonn CannonTrafalgar & Boone and the Children of the Burnt Empire by Geonn Cannon is the 4th novel in the Trafalgar and Boone series by Geonn Cannon. Despite the fact that the books are part of a series, every one features its own adventure for the titular women. Dorothy Boone and Miss Trafalgar are the founding members of the Mnemosyne Society. Because their group has the best adventurers that London has to offer, the Royal Geographic Society asks them to find some missing explorers in the Amazon rainforest.

Captain Neville and crew had been gone a year and there were concerns about not just the loss of life but the loss of financial investment on the Royal Geographic Society’s part. In the end, Trafalgar, Lady Boone, and their fellow adventuress, Cora Hyde all volunteer to make the trip. There comes a point when the mission goes awry and the threesome get separated and wind up in two different locations.

They learn of an aggressive civilization that has no qualms about eliminating all other people in the surrounding area. They are called the Burnt Empire by local tribes.

The two halves of the adventuress group find themselves each working with a man who thinks he’s doing the right thing. But the true answer can only be found by trekking to the source of the mythical river and facing down whatever or whomever has afflicted Captain Neville.

The Characters

I confess that I have grown to love Dorothy Boone and Trafalgar of Abyssinia with each new book that Cannon writes. The women are so very different, both in physical appearance and in mental countenance. And that is something I can appreciate in a novel, rather than those characters that you sometimes can’t differentiate. Dorothy herself is an unabashed lover of women, though only one woman actually holds her heart.

Her beloved assistant, Beatrice (Trix) Sek. Trix doesn’t mind Dorothy’s dalliances while on her adventures, and vice versa, because they always come home to each other.

One thing I found most interesting about this particular novel was the changing self-image of Trafalgar. She becomes introspective as the book progresses and as a result slowly makes changes. First it’s to her physical appearance. And eventually she opens herself up emotionally as well, which was no easy feat given the amount of pain and loss she has experienced in her life time.

Another character development I enjoyed was Cora Hyde’s redemption story. She found herself in a dark place years before when women under her care died on an adventure. I liked the fact that she was healed a bit by the events in Children of the Burnt Empire.

The Writing Style

Geonn Cannon has never had a problem with pacing in any of the books I’ve read. I found this novel to be fast paced as an adventure should be. There was a lot of ground to cover for the two women, both figuratively and literally. And while the subject of the mission becomes increasingly convoluted and downright trippy in some places, Cannon handled the descriptions and transitions of the events smoothly.

The Pros

In the past novels Cannon painted a very good picture of two highly capable women. Trafalgar and Boone are both adventuress who are particularly determined when on a mission, though they have different ways go to about their adventures. I’ve enjoyed watching the partnership grow between them, especially since the two women were originally antagonists/near enemies. But in this most recent book I really got to see that partnership develop into true friendship. No longer simple companions on the various journeys, they had come to care about each other and proved it by saving each other over and over. There is so much potential in these two women and I legitimately can’t wait to see what Cannon has in store.

I also particularly enjoyed the expanded dynamic in Dorothy and Trix’s relationship. I like healthy and mature representations of sexuality in the novels I read. And I like diversity. Cannon doesn’t disappoint.

The Cons

No cons for this book!

Kelly's favouritesThe Conclusion

Do you like action, adventure, steampunk, world travel, sensual women, and the antiquated language of the early twentieth century? It’s like Indiana Jones has been replaced by a couple of ladies with deadly skills to match their cutting wit. Zeppelins, magic, mystery, and adventure, that’s what you find in the Trafalgar and Boone series. Oh, and a little tasteful romance in case the other things didn’t sell you. I absolutely adore these books!

Excerpt from Trafalgar & Boone and the Children of the Burnt Empire by Geonn Cannon


“Olá, hello!” The man’s voice echoed from somewhere to their right. A few moments later a door opened and he stepped into view. His black hair was shaggy and unkempt, but the bushy mustache covering his upper lip was meticulously groomed. He wore a faded pink shirt unbuttoned enough to reveal the tank top underneath. He held out large hands and smiled at them.


“British,” Dorothy corrected.

“Even better. God save the Queen, and all that.” His speech was suddenly colored by a British accent, thought Dorothy couldn’t say for certain whether that had changed after his first brief words. “My name is Marco Eiriz, you can call me Eiriz. It’s a much more interesting name.” He moved to the desk in the corner and cleared off a precarious stack of maps. “How may I help you ladies?”

“My name is Dorothy Boone. This is Trafalgar, and the woman by the stairs is Cora Hyde. We’d like to employ you as our guide.”

He sat down and nodded. “You’ll do no better than me, my friends. My family has called this city home for over seventy years. I know it like the back of my hand. Old and new, I can show you the best we have to offer.”

Dorothy said, “I’m certain you could. But I meant we need you to be our guide into the forest.”

For the first time, his expression wavered. “An expedition? Where…”He looked toward the door. “How many will be in your party?”

“Just us.”

“Just the three of you. You three… ladies.”

Trafalgar said, “We’re quite capable of handling ourselves in extreme situations.”

“I’m sure you are, miss.” He stood again. “This isn’t a matter of… look… I’ve taken a half dozen groups into the jungle. There are obstacles you’re most likely unaware of. It’s not just the heat and the wildlife. Although the heat and the wildlife are both enough by themselves to dissuade you. The wasps alone…”He shuddered at some memory. “No matter how clear a path may seem, you will require a machete to hack through vines that hang in your way. I’ve seen men collapse from exhaustion, too weak to lift their arms to wipe away their tears.”

“Then I suppose we will need to hire a few of your friends to provide the grunt work.” Eiriz sighed and put his hands on his hips. “They won’t be cheap.”

Dorothy said, “And I am not poor. We’re not flighty women off on a lark, Mr. Eiriz. We are here on behalf of the Royal Geographical Society in an attempt to discover the fate of Captain Neville and the men of his expedition.”

Eiriz stood up straighter. His face betrayed no emotion, but that was enough to give Dorothy a clue of his inner turmoil.

“Neville?” he said.

“That’s correct.” Dorothy held up the journal. “We know that he came here and hired you. His correspondence mentions you by name, Mr. Eiriz. Of course we’ll pay you the going rate for your services. All we ask is that you show us where Neville was heading the last time you saw him.”

“I can do better than that, Miss Boone.” Eiriz’s entire body sagged, as if he had just released some tension within himself. “I can take you to where we buried them.”

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  • ISBN number: 9781944591571
  • Publisher: Supposed Crimes, LLC (November 1, 2018)

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