As a lover of sports, and a lover of women, I wanted a Top 10 of Lesbian Sports Romances.

This time of year, there are many women’s sports leagues starting their seasons, including basketball, soccer, and softball. I have always been a fan of athletes and their strength, both on and off the field, as players and as women. So here’s a list of my favorites showcasing the love women have for their sport and each other.

Heart Of The Game by Rachel Spangler1 Heart Of The Game by Rachel Spangler

Published by Bold Strokes Books

This book is: a baseball romance that teaches us to swing for the fences in the game of love to come out on the winning side.

What it’s about

Sarah Duke has finally earned her shot as a full-time sports writer. She loves the work, but most of all, she loves the game.

When Duke meets Molly Grettano and her two sons, she instantly connects with the young family. But Molly isn’t sure Duke’s ready for something more. She and her boys have been abandoned before, and she’s vowed to never to put them in that position again.

Duke has a lot of heart, but neither woman is sure there’s enough room left in it for anything other than baseball.

Why I love it 

Despite her fears, Duke kept her job and built a good relationship with Charlie and Joe. Even more importantly, she’d managed to endear herself to Molly enough that this amazing woman trusted her, wanted to spend time with her, believed in her. Maybe she could win at more than just baseball.

I have read just about everything from Rachel Spangler, but this one is my favorite by far. So much so that at the start of baseball/softball season, I dust it off and read it again. Spangler’s writing shows she is not only a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, she is also a big fan of the characters she creates in this story.

Set in the structure of one season, from opening day to the run for the playoffs, Spangler shows you how baseball and life can run parallel and teach you a lot about winning in all aspects of it.

You don’t have to know a lot about baseball to read this book. All the baseball terminology and euphemisms are easy to follow as Spangler uses them as chapter titles and then follows up within the chapter itself.

She definitely hits a home run with this book, filled with great characters, real life situations, and real love between these two women.

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Remember Me by Syd Parker2 Remember Me by Syd Parker

Published by Syd Parker Books

This book is a: road trip, fact-finding mission, romance. It shows that to know your true self, you have to know where you came from.

What it’s about

When Samantha Adams learns that her grandmother has passed away, she feels little sadness for the woman she can’t even remember. The only thing she knows about her is that she turned her back on her family years before.

Ellis Hudson works in the Samantha’s father’s law firm. She has feelings for Samantha that go unrequited and settles for friendship instead.

With nothing more than the letters from Samantha’s grandmother, a map and a few names, they set out on the road trip of a lifetime. Along the way, Samantha realizes her attraction to Ellis.

Will they take the life lessons that Samantha’s grandmother teaches them and finally follow their hearts?

Why I love it

This book combines three of my favorite things: history, softball, and a slow burn romance that has you jumping for joy when the two leads finally get together.

Parker gives a heart felt story about finding the person you thought you lost, and discovering her through the stories of the people who knew her best. As Sam and Ellis reach the end of the road, they not only discover the truth about Sam’s grandmother. They reveal the truth they’ve been hiding from each other.

This is a great read for anyone who had a grandmother, or parent, they wish they knew more about. The chemistry between Sam and Ellis is palapable, almost combustible, and has you cheering them on every step of their journey. It has been with me for three years, and I still get excited when I read it.

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Bright Lights of Summer by Lynn Ames3 Bright Lights of Summer by Lynn Ames

Published by Phoenix Rising Press

This book is a: Historical sports, coming-of-age, romance that gives you an insight on the world of softball and two women in love in the 1940s.

What it’s about

It’s March, 1941, and in Phoenix, Arizona, a 16-year-old scrap of a girl named Theodora “Dizzy” Hosler, takes the field to try out for the World Champion P.B.S.W. Ramblers softball team.

Set against the backdrop of perhaps the most dramatic time in US history, comes the story of Diz and Frannie, two women fueled by an unquenchable passion for the game of softball and feelings for each other that go far beyond the bounds of friendship.

Will their love for the game bring them closer together or tear them apart?

Why I love it 

If you love the film A League of Their Own, you must grab this book immediately.

Ames did a lot of historical research and incorporated it into this story, in addition to real life people who lived and experienced it themselves. She even goes so far as have them interacting with the characters of her own creation, Diz and Frannie. So much so, you would swear these two women truly existed. When I read it I wished I could be playing softball with them and the Ramblers in 1941.

It’s a lovely coming-of-age story that is interspersed with the progression of softball into World War II and the formation of the All American Women’s Baseball League.

During this time, Diz and Frannie will have to weather homophobia, the politics of baseball/softball, and a long distance relationship before they can make their happy ending. And if they do, they’ll have each other…and softball.

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These Two Hearts by Kenna White4 These Two Hearts by Kenna White

Published by Bella Books

This book is a: trick-shot romance that teaches us to look up when pursuing our dreams because something just as great and important might be right there waiting for us to grab it.

What it’s about

Sara Patterson has carefully realized her cautious hopes for a steady, practical life.

Jessie Singer loves the way billiard balls roll over the green baize of a pool table and her dream of playing pool professionally keeps her wandering from job to job. But she keeps coming back, drawn to the coastal waters and mountain scenery. And to something she never expected.

Why I love it

This one might be up for debate on whether billiards is a sport. I think it is because even though it’s not physical, the mental game is just as important and this book shows that.

Both Sara and Jessie are smart in their own right. Sara is book smart in science, and Jessie is street smart, running her grandfather’s bar and playing pool.

Sara and Jessie have great chemistry, despite their different backgrounds, and their friendship has a natural build that you really cheer on and hope will becoming more.

So rack them up tight and shoot the cue straight because this book will have you sighing at the genuine hearts of the characters and wanting to buy your own cue stick afterwards.

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The Set Piece by Catherine Lane5 The Set Piece by Catherine Lane

Published by Ylva Publishing

This book is a: Soccer, mystery, romance that shows while something may not go to plan, it doesn’t mean you can’t come out the other side a winner.

What it’s about

Amy Kimball is working two menial jobs to make ends meet when she gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime: become the fake fiancée of soccer star Diego Torres to hide the truth that he is gay.

What seems like a dream job to Amy turns into a maze of lies she must navigate to keep Diego safe. It also doesn’t help when Amy finds herself attracted to Casey Palmer, Diego’s pretty assistant.

Will Amy watch from the sidelines, or will she find the courage to get back into the game?

Why I love it

When I first read this book I was a little worried I wouldn’t understand it because I didn’t know a lot about soccer at the time. Boy, was I mistaken. While there are references to Diego playing in matches, the story focuses on the situation around him, especially the involvement of Amy and Casey.

Both these characters are easily likeable right off the bat. Diego himself is a shy, considerate, and genuine human being who is in the closet due to the nature of his sport.

Lane makes him just as likeable as Amy and Casey that I found myself getting defensive and wanting to come to his aid when he was being blackmailed.

I love how Lane tackles that debate of playing a sport while being gay, and the building chemistry and attraction between Amy and Casey in this type of situation is handled beautifully.

The pitch is set for a great weekend romance with this one.

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Romancing The Zone by Kenna White6 Romancing The Zone by Kenna White

Published by Bella Books

This book is a: Basketball romance that shows in the game of life, the plans we make might often go askew, but the silver lining can be just as amazing.

What it’s about

Liz Elliott is fast approaching forty as a successful businesswoman and single mother to her daughter, Becca.

Becca is a rising star for the university’s basketball team, just as her mother had been. But a dirty little secret collapsed Liz’s college career.

When Becca gets injured, she challenges Liz to return to college to complete her degree and play her last year of basketball eligibility.

Coach Sheridan Ross has no patience for babysitting an over-the-hill athlete, and she has her own plans to move up the coaching ladder as quickly as possible.

Neither expected sparks to fly. And when they must deal with the reality of Sheridan being a successful coach, Liz’s world begins to crumble when the secret from her past returns.

Why I love it

What initially drew me to this book was the unconventionality of having a woman in her 40’s going back to college but also playing the sport that allowed her to do so years ago. It’s not something you see every day.

White makes this story not only unique but plausible. Liz is a character who you can see still loves the game even before she agrees to head back to college, and White even showcases the rustiness of her skills on the court at the beginning of her term. To me that shows real consideration for the time that has passed.

I love the dynamic between Liz and Becca. They are very much the team I love to see from a single mother/daughter relationship. And the sparks between Liz and Sheridan are there from the very beginning that you can’t wait for them to finally get together. And when they finally do, it’s better than I expected.

Basketball is utilized heavily from the description of the practices to the contests happening on the court. It’s a great read that will keep you engaged and intrigued until the very end.

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Some Kind Of River by Andi Marquette7 Some Kind Of River by Andi Marquette

Published by Andi Marquette

This book is a: Romance that shows navigating river rapids is easier than navigating the desires of a woman’s heart.

What it’s about

River rafting guide and kayaking nut Dez Parker figures her best friend Mel Hammond just isn’t into her romantically, which bums Dez out because they’ll be spending the summer guiding together and Mel seems like the right kind of woman for her. Then again, Dez doesn’t want to ruin a friendship by admitting her feelings to Mel.

That changes when she finds out that Mel might be interested in someone and Dez is torn between wanting to take a chance and respecting Mel’s choice. Is it really too late for Dez? Or is there something she doesn’t know? Whichever it is, a summer on the river isn’t always a smooth ride.

Why I love it

This is a cute short story that will have you laughing and waiting with bated breath to see if Dez and Mell can finally get on the same page. I related to this story a little bit because I often have trouble discerning if a girl likes me or not, much like Dez does.

Usually this can cause the reader to want to strangle the character until she finally sees the light. But Marquette tells the story in a way that you feel for Dez’s plight, by putting a spin on it that lets the readers see the humor in the situation and leaves us shaking their head in mirth instead of frustration.

Plus, I’m a big nature lover, and having both of the characters as extreme nature and rapids enthusiasts really intrigued me. If you enjoy learning how to tame the wild river, as well as watching Dez and Mel enlighten each other on their feelings, please check this story.

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The Change-up by Syd Parker8 The Change-up by Syd Parker

Published by Syd Parker Books

This book is a: Baseball romance that shows we will go to any length to help the people we love most in this world.

What it’s about

College baseball coach, Sawyer Evans coaches one of the best Division II teams in the South. The only regret in life is her baseball career ending after high school. Bellamy Carter is a successful accountant with her own firm and a son she adores. It has been just the two of them facing the world which leaves little time for Bellamy to miss romance.

Then Sawyer comes to town to scout Kevin for a spot on the Statesmen’s roster and she turns their world upside-down.

When tragedy strikes, Bellamy is forced to question everything she believes about life, love and faith, leaving her wondering if she will make it out the other side.

Why I love it

I wasn’t sure what to make of this book until I realized that it was based on actual events that happened at Wake Forest. Parker took that information and adapted it wonderfully to create this story.

What I loved most was that Parker didn’t modify Sawyer to be a softball coach. She had her coaching baseball, which in this day and age is still a rarity. That helps to make the character more appealing to Bellamy and her son.

Parker has shown her forte with the slow burn romance. Each character’s attraction towards the other feels natural as does their development. This makes it my favorite kind of story to read.

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Bouncing by Jaime Maddox9 Bouncing by Jaime Maddox

Published by Bold Strokes Books

This book is a: Basketball romance that shows that even the best people with good intentions falter in life.

What it’s about

Bouncing has always been a way of life for Alex Dalton. The former basketball star and new coach likes to keep life simple, with no responsibilities and no complications. Then a summer fling opens her eyes to other possibilities.

There is an instant attraction to her new assistant coach, Britain Dodge, but for some reason, Brit wants nothing to do with Alex.

A spontaneous kiss under the stars forces them to admit their feelings and work on their issues. Their love grows, but so do the outside pressures that influence them, and they have to decide if they should forfeit their love or play until the final buzzer.

Why I love it

The first thing I grabbed onto when I started this book was the importance of honesty and the emphasis that Maddox put on it. It’s the driving force between the two women, Britain and Alex, and it’s something both women strive to be with each other throughout the entire book.

I love the chemistry between them, especially when they start coaching together, and how that just continues to build until they do end up together. But it’s not just the chemistry between them I like, it’s the way they interact with other characters, how they deal with the players, and how they deal with external issues that threaten not only their team but their romance that really kept me hooked until the very end.

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Personal Foul by Lucy J Madison10 Personal Foul by Lucy J Madison

This book is a: Basketball romance proving that in the game of love, it’s good to let your guard down.

What it’s about

Kat Schaefer is an elite basketball official in the WNBA. Her personal life has been on hold almost two years after her longtime girlfriend dumped her. Kat’s well-ordered world turns upside down again when she meets a hotshot rookie named Julie Stevens who knocks her world off balance with her stellar play and captivating eyes.

Despite Kat’s best defense, she falls hard for the young player but she’s unable to open herself up to love again.

Will Kat be able to get over the hurt, or will Julie become another memory?

Why I love it

This was a story that I had always wanted to read because it involved that forbidden dynamic between an official and a player. Madison did not disappoint in delivering a spot on romance that captured the excitement, the fears and the challenges that each person must face when engaging in such a relationship.

Kat is a likeable character with all of her setbacks and flaws because Madison makes her relatable to the reader. Julie is a spitfire and is exactly what Kat needs in her life. While it may take time for Kat to figure that out, the journey to that realization is just as fun to read as when they finally reach the destination.

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