Tipping-The-Velvet-movieTipping the Velvet is technically a miniseries, not a movie, but I don’t really care since it is brilliant.

Sarah Waters wrote a book by the same title and the BBC turned it into a miniseries. In this process Andrew Davies managed to make the miniseries better than the book.

It is the story of Nan Astley, a girl who lived by the seaside working in the family Oyster parlor. One night she goes to see the travelling show that is in town. One of the acts is Kitty Butler, a male impersonator. Nan falls madly in love with Kitty and ends up becoming her personal assistant and eventually following her to London.

This is Nan’s story as she discovers love, heartbreak and passion in a lush and beautifully done miniseries.

The Technical Side

Set in Victorian England, Tipping the Velvet is lush, beautiful and heartbreakingly sweet at times.

Each episode is a chapter in Nan’s life and each is technically different to the others. Yet put together it makes a complete story.

The soundtrack, filming, acting and editing were flawless, never once making you sit back and say – oh I was watching a film.

The Pros

This is a wonderful journey that every lesbian should embark on with Nan.

The Cons

I wish they had adapted Sarah Waters’ other works as well as they did this one.

The Conclusion

An absolute must watch.

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