Timing Is Everything by Alison R Solomon is a mystery set in the small town of Gulfport, Florida and the first in The Gulfport Mystery series.

Kat Ayalon is the popular chef at Gulfport’s swankiest hotel restaurant. She dreams of opening her own teahouse one day and her best friend, Wynn is her main source of encouragement. Kat’s relationship history has left her reticent about meeting someone new. When one of her friends drags her to the monthly lesbian meet-and-greet, she meets a woman who seems too good to be true. She and Gabriella have just about everything in common and after their first meeting, Kat knows she is the “One”.

Gabriella (Gordy) Luna is a hard working geriatric counselor. She shares custody of her son with her soon-to-be ex-wife, Dana. They are putting off their divorce proceedings until Gordy finally achieves permanent resident status in the United States. Kat’s attraction to Gordy isn’t one sided. Gordy soon realizes that Kat is the woman she wants to begin her life with as a U.S citizen.

One evening while Wynn is taking out her trash in the alley behind her house, a car crashes into her and keeps on driving. She is transported to the hospital with injuries so severe that her entire livelihood hangs in the balance.

Kat steps in to help find the person involved with the hit and run. As clues begin to fall into place, will she be able to protect the two women she loves most?

The Characters

I really liked Kat from the moment I met her. She has absolutely no fashion sense whatsoever and can’t dance to save her soul. As someone who shares those qualities, how could I not love her? She is naturally loyal so she doesn’t think twice about helping with the investigation. I appreciated her growth. In the past she was always a passive follower in her relationships and over the course of this book I saw her become an active protector. It is empowering to see her take charge and try to figure this mess out.

Gordy is such a dear! She is intelligent, sexy as hell and a great mother. It’s heartbreaking to see the anxiety she struggles with on a day-to-day basis knowing that she is under constant scrutiny and at risk for deportation. Even though she is following all the rules, she has to second-guess everything she does.

Wynn is great. She is an out and proud lesbian in her early sixties. (Yes, they exist!) As Solomon points out, young femmes age too. I couldn’t help but feel empathy for her. Being cooped up in the hospital, she has lost all her independence. Nobody wants to be in that position and that feeling of powerlessness really hit home for me.

The Writing Style

As someone who mostly reads romances, this mystery was just the right blend of the two genres. Solomon has paced this book nicely. The plot unfolds at a leisurely speed but slowly amps up as the consequences become graver for all the women. Solomon maintains the suspense by periodically jumping back in time to reveal the backstories of the three women. As I said in my review of To Boldly Go by Em Stevens, I love backstory. I like to see it rather than be told about it so this device was perfect for my personal taste.

The Pros

I talk to my books and I’m not ashamed to admit it (and don’t try and pretend you don’t do it, too). As the story progressed, I found myself perched on my couch saying, “Just tell her. Tell her!” or “No, bad choice, bad choice!” The best part? I couldn’t quite figure out how this mess was going to get worked out. I think I’m such a smarty-pants because I can usually see how a plot is going to be resolved. Solomon kept me guessing and I did not see this ending coming.

This book is the first in the series and both Kat and Wynn have secrets lurking in their pasts that are only alluded to. I’m looking forward to seeing how those play out in the next few books.

The Cons

The book’s ending seemed a bit abrupt to me. There was a lot on the line for all the women and although Solomon wrapped up the plot, it still left me with uncertainties. Because I still had questions, the last chapter felt like an epilogue.


If you like a little romance with your mystery then this could be a good fit for you. There’s no gore, no violence, and no creepy clown hanging out in the sewers. The plot and charming main characters will keep you engaged without the need to leave on a nightlight.

Excerpt from Timing Is Everything by Alison R Solomon

Why hadn’t the car stopped before it hit her? The driver must have seen her. First of all, it wasn’t that dark a night. She hadn’t bothered with a flashlight because the light from the half-moon was strong enough to light up the alley. Even without that, the driver must surely have been able to see her since his headlights had definitely been on. There was no question in her mind about that. As she deposited the trash cans and turned back toward the house, the dazzle from the car’s beams had completely blinded her. She’d turned her head away, assuming that the car would stop, and the next thing she knew she was being crushed into the woodpile.

Wouldn’t any decent human being have stopped to offer to help? Why did the driver just carry on down the alley as if nothing had happened? She felt rage rising up inside her. What kind of person did that?

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