Three Reasons To Say Yes by Jaime ClevengerThree Reasons to Say Yes by Jaime Clevenger is a super sweet and lovely vacation romance with just enough angst to keep things interesting.

Julia Maguire never takes vacations. But with one of her best friends engaged and soon to be married, she seizes the day to join Kate and their co-besties Mo for two weeks in Hawaii. Sun, sand, and waves. What could be better? If only she could get the kid sitting behind her on the plane to quit kicking her chair.

When Julia turns around to ask the kid to knock it off, she’s confronted by the future soccer star’s gorgeous butch mom, as well as the little girl’s twin sister. Julia isn’t usually into the idea of dating parents, but when she sees the family at the same resort, she can’t seem to stop her crush from growing.

Reed Baxter has zero time for dating, or that’s what her carefully controlled calendar tells her anyway. Vacationing with four-year-old twins isn’t the most relaxing thing in the world, but at least she can get a break from her work as a doctor, carting her daughters to activities, and all the other things it takes to keep a house running as a single mom.

While neither woman wants a relationship, they agree that there’s nothing wrong with a little vacation fling. And they only live a hour or two away from each other, so why not keep the no-strings sex going when they have to leave Hawaii behind? It’s just sex, so it’s not like either of them are risking their hearts, right?

The Characters

The whole book is told from Julia’s perspective, so we get to know her best. She’s sweet and loving, with some well-earned insecurities. I loved seeing how she grows when she takes a chance and gives that fling a try. I was also pleased to see how much stronger she is by the end of the book, able to stand up for herself in a way that she likely couldn’t have done at the beginning.

I kind of wish we’d been able to see more of Reed, because what we did see, I liked. Her kids are her priority, which I identify with as a parent, and she also has another side that comes out around Julia, even when they’re “not dating”. She has her own big change to go through, which, when tied with Julia’s arc, led to a perfect epilogue.

We also see quite a bit of Kate and Mo as they support Julia through her frustrations and also because they each have their own situations that they’re dealing with. I liked both women and wanted more of them too, so I’m hoping we’ll get a book about them in the future!

The Writing Style

This was a really easy story to get into. I sank right in and wanted to stay there, because reading about other people on vacation is kind of like taking a mini vacation from the world!

The Pros

Everything worked for me!

The Cons


taras favourite lesbian booksThe Conclusion

I feel like I’m saying this on a lot of reviews these days, but it’s still true, so I’ll say it again. The world sucks right now and we’re all tired. If you want to take a break for some self-care time, this book would be a perfect choice. It’s sweet and lovely, and while it has some angst, it’s not going to hurt you. Instead, it’s going to take you away from it all so you can come back with a smile on your face. (And Jaime, if you’re reading, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase, seriously, consider a book for Kate and Mo!)

Excerpt from Three Reasons to Say Yes by Jaime Clevenger

“Mom, look! It’s the woman from the plane who needed my vomit bag!”

Julia started at the voice, nearly gouging her eye as she hurried to rub in the sunscreen. Bryn, light-up sneakers and all, was half dragging and half leading her mom directly toward her spot in the back row. Her sister, who still looked mostly asleep, brought up the rear.

“Remember me?” Bryn shouted.

“Light-up shoes. How could I forget?” Julia wasn’t sure if her stomach was buzzing with butterflies at the sight of the butch mom swinging suitcases onto the top luggage rack and now clearly fitting into the category of single with kids, or if her motion sickness was returning.

“Did you throw up?”

“Not yet.”

“The candy cane worked.” Bryn smiled. “I knew it would.” She plopped down in the open seat next to Julia while her quiet twin took the seat by the window. Julia met the gaze of their mom for only long enough to feel a rush at the realization that she’d been checking her out. Then she reminded her body that she wasn’t interested in dating anyone—not even an attractive butch who was giving her way too much eye contact. But damn…

“Hello again.” The mom motioned to the remaining open seats. “Is it okay if we share this row with you?”

“Yeah—definitely.” Way too excited. Turn it down a notch. Julia cleared her throat.

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