There You Are by Robin AlexanderThere You Are by Robin Alexander is a romantic comedy.

Brett Bishop has ended up being part-minder, part-mom and part-designer for the fashion house ‘I am Alex’. Keeping an eye on the business and personal life of her young boss, the daughter of a world- famous designer, has taken a toll on her goal of finding that one true love. She’s suspicious of anyone who tries to enter their world and doesn’t trust Evangeline Scott (Scotty), when she just happens to bump into her boss Alex at yoga. Scotty has been around the block in the fashion world and has become jaded. She can’t believe she has the chance to make her mark at last – but she has to get past the bulldog Brett first. Can she make her believe she’s no threat? When they crash land in the mountainous wilderness, they have to get to know each other – and keep Alex from killing her sister! A subtle attraction has the potential to blossom into more, if they’ll only realise it’s there.

The Characters

Brett comes across all tough and ice-cold at the start, but we soon see that she has everyone’s best interests at heart. She’s really warm and loving and ready to make a commitment. She’s also very funny and adorable. Scotty is straight and is surprised to find herself attracted to Brett. Seeing it dawn on her that the love of her life might be a woman was enlightening. She was also very funny and the banter between her and Brett was hilarious. She was caring and determined and when the chips were down, she would do anything for Brett and the girls. I also enjoyed the dynamic between both of them and Alex and her sister Cass. It was quite maternal and led to some laugh out loud moments. Uncle Mark was also a hoot. That man really needs to learn to say no!

The Writing Style

The pacing was very well done. We get to know most of the characters pretty quickly – but then the author surprises us with some revelations that I did not see coming. Very, very funny revelations. She uses humour well as a way of opening up her characters.

The Pros

I enjoyed the banter between all of the characters. Yes, it was funny, but there were also some very poignant moments. The characters were well developed, and everything felt very natural and relatable.

The Cons


The Conclusion

If you enjoy sweet romance with a lot of humour then this is the book for you. It’s about realising what is important in life. Sometimes letting go of pre-conceived notions is the key to happiness. This is one of those books that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Excerpt from There You Are by Robin Alexander

“You made it painfully clear you believe my only goal is to exploit Alex and/or her company the day we met. If that is truly my motive, then any disclaimers you throw at me are a waste of your time.” Scotty opened her bottle of water. “So, now that that’s out there, you can relax.” Brett sucked her teeth. “Thank you.” “I can’t wait until you decide to like me.” Scotty wagged a finger. “And you will because I’ll be the ally you can depend on. We both know there’s a schedule that must be kept, rules to be followed. That’s difficult to maintain with an office full of people with needs, issues, and idiosyncrasies. Sometimes, they just need to be heard, even though they know you can’t change the world to suit them. I’m a good listener I can do that while you keep the I Am Alex ball rolling.” “I really want that to be true,” Brett admitted honestly. “I’m making you pay for the mistakes of others who taught me not to trust easily. Be patient with me and I’ll be patient with you.”

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