the-secret-of-sleepy-hollow-by-andi-marquetteThe Secret of Sleepy Hollow by Andi Marquette is a Halloween romance with just enough spookiness to keep things interesting.

Abby Crane is in Sleepy Hollow to gather research for her doctoral thesis, with a little time set aside to take in the local Halloween festivities. A distant relative of the famed Ichabod Crane, she’s determined to figure out what really happened to him. Abby starts regularly bumping into Katie, and it isn’t long before she has a big-time crush on her attractive fellow academic. Katie has her own theories about Ichabod and the woman who wrote about him in her collected letters, but could there be more to the story than either realizes?

The Characters

The book is told entirely from Abby’s perspective, but we see enough of Katie to be satisfied with both characters. Their chemistry is magic, crackling on the page as they get to know each other and share their excitement in the mystery of Ichabod’s disappearance, and I loved where they were at the end.

The Writing Style

The Secret of Sleepy Hollow is a fun, easy read with a supernatural angle that is handled well.

The Pros

Everything! It’s a great take on the Ichabod Crane story.

The Cons

I can’t talk about any of my favourite elements without spoilers, so this review hasn’t really done the book justice.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a lesbian Halloween romance, look no further. The Secret of Sleepy Hollow is a great read and I recommend it.

Excerpt from The Secret of Sleepy Hollow by Andi Marquette

“It’s pretty out here, even at night,” Abby said, because the silence between them felt a little suggestive.

“I’ve always thought so. Maybe a little creepy, but I guess in a weird way I’ve always thought of the horseman as family. Kinda sick, maybe.”

“No, that makes sense. He’s been here as long as your family has.” She sipped. “He’s like that one not-quite-right uncle everybody has.”

“Oh, yeah. The one without the head. All family trees have one.”

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  • ISBN number: 9783955335151
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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Note: I received a free review copy of The Secret of Sleepy Hollow by Andi Marquette. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.


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