I really loved The Scent of Jasmine by Lila Bruce. I was so sad when it turned out to be short. I wanted more and felt that it could have been expanded into a bigger story. I like to have time to get to know the characters and stay a little while in their world. This didn’t let me do that.

Having said that, this was a proper story, not a half a story like so many short novels, making it a satisfying read.

The Scent of Jasmine is about Grace and Jessica.

Grace is strong business woman who owns an interior decorating business with two of her friends.

Jessica is a Hot Sauce Mogul who has just moved back to her home town after the death of her mother. She inherits the old family home and enlists Grace to renovate and decorate the house.

The Characters

The characters have very distinct personalities that play off each other well.  They were interesting to read about and I was drawn into their world.

The Writing Style

Lila Bruce has a fresh and well balanced writing style. She doe not bog you down with too my descriptions but gives you just enough to set the scene and make the story enjoyable.

The Pros

This book was a quick, easy and very sweet read.

The Cons

The story was too short, it left me wanting more. There were also a few typos, which are a little annoying but didn’t really ruin the story for me.

The name of the book, The Scent of Jasmine sounds like a corny Mills & Boons novel, I get where the title comes from, but for me it is a little meh and does not do the book justice.

tamara-faveThe Conclusion

Overall I really enjoyed this book and it’s a great read for women who enjoy lesbian fiction. It is a quick read making it perfect for ladies who don’t have too much time to read but need a quick fix. You know those times when you want a quick weekend read? Get this book.

Excerpt from The Scent of Jasmine by Lila Bruce

On the bottom row sat a large blueberry turnover. The crust was flaky and golden brown. Some of the deep blue fruit had bubbled out on one side while the turnover had baked and now glistened under the light of the display.

“Oh lord, you beautiful thing, I would love to take you home and just gobble you up,” Grace said to the turnover, speaking in a low, husky tone.

“I get off at four if that works for you,” a soft voice said. Grace snapped up to see a pair of dark green eyes smiling back at her from the other side of the display case.

Jessica Taylor stood there grinning, a slight dusting of flour decorating the bridge of her nose.


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