The-Ruin-of-Us-by-Keira-Michelle-TelfordThe Ruin of Us by Keira Michelle Telford is a short novel about finding love in a forbidden and unexpected place.

Set in the Victorian era, Telford crafts a tale of desire and forbidden romance.

The story is set in a finishing school run by Miss Camille, a woman in her mid thirties.

Sixteen year old Maddie is sent to the school in preparation of marriage. Instead of spending her time learning to be a lady she finds herself intrigued and a little obsessed with her teacher.

Camille, on the other hand, is drawn to Maddie’s advances and struggles with her own desires for the young woman.

It is a book by Keira Michelle Telford so there is graphic sex. Having said that, I find Telford’s sex scenes to be about as graphic, if not less so, than someone like Radclyffe. The main difference is the age gap between the characters, which can lead to readers becoming all sensitive and delicate.

The Characters

The Ruin of Us hardly has any supporting cast and it doesn’t need it. A great novel tells a story about two characters who want the same thing and yet they are each other’s greatest opponents. Telford does this brilliantly.

The Writing Style

I find myself at a loss. How do I go about describing again what an excellent author Keira Michelle Telford is? I want to use the words exceptional, brilliant and amazing, but I am relatively sure I have already said all of those things about her work.

Have you even found an author whose words flow so naturally that you are barely reading the book, it is like the book flows through you and you are right there, watching every touch, living every moment, breathing every breath? Telford writes like that.

Her work is beautiful.

Her words are well chosen.

Her rhythm is perfect.

Her conclusion is spot on.

Telford expresses the want, the need, the uncertainty and the to-and-fro of emotions so you feel them.

The Pros

It is a great book.

The Cons

None. I could talk about the cover, but I liked it. I could talk about the length, but I thought it was perfect, not an extra work nor a word shy. I suppose I could talk about the price, but her books are really reasonably priced. So nope, not a single misstep. Nicely done, Ms Telford.

The Conclusion

sheena's favouriteThe Ruin of Us is about half the length of a traditional lesbian romance, making it a great weekend read. So go on and get it, then snuggle down in your favourite reading chair with your cup of (insert preferred hot beverage here) and enjoy.

I would add a warning label to this book that says – BEWARE: YOU WONT BE ABLE TO STOP READING ONCE YOU START.

On a personal note: If you were to examine Keira Michelle Telford’s body of work, you can say that she tells the same story over and over again but then so does Radclyffe or Kallmaker or just about any romance author. The difference is that Telford’s story is about a teenager and a woman in her thirties.

And to those delicate blossoms who are all sensitive about the age gap I say this, it is fiction and if you are too delicate then go and read something else.

I will be thrilled to read all of Telford’s work and go on the journey with her in search of that happy ending.

Excerpt from The Ruin Of Us by Keira Michelle Telford

She clasped her hands over her knee and flexed her ankle, not seeming to care that it was on display. “A girl’s position in life is not fixed, Madeline. She can be bettered.”

Maddie cringed. “Please don’t call me that.”

“Is it not your name?” One of Camille’s eyebrows arched toward the ceiling.

“It’s what they call me.” Maddie tried not to inject too much venom into her voice. “They are quite obstinate about it, but my real mother always called me by the diminutive: Maddie.”

“Maddie,” Camille repeated, testing the sound on her tongue. “You would prefer it if I called you this also?”

Her eyes were like the ocean: two deep pools of pale green flecked with gray and blue. They had a hypnotizing effect, and Maddie was entranced.

“Very much.” The teen forced herself to look away and caught her rather wilted reflection in the mirror atop the vanity.

She looked tired. Her brunette mane – somewhat dishevelled from the long train ride – was tumbling from a hasty up-sweep. Her cheeks were pink, not because they were rouged, or because the spring evening was particularly muggy, but because the temperature of the room had curiously risen several degrees since Camille walked in.


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