The Procuress by Keira Michelle TelfordThe Procuress by Keira Michelle Teford is s the second book in the Prisonworld Trilogy.

The first book is The Magistrate and it focuses on Carmen Wild as the lead character. Lina plays a significant role in the story but Carmen is the main focus.

The Procuress switches that around and now concentrates on Lina as the main character. The story follows on from where the first book ended and it does not disappoint.

It is not easy to write two books about the same characters and have them from different point of view. It is easy to slip into the same character that you wrote for the first book yet Telford manages to convey the different characters effortlessly and each book has its own voice and its own type of story.

It is a fantastic read and on my list of best lesbian books ever.

The Characters

You get to know the characters from book one more deeply and some you grow to hate while others you grow to like even more.

The Writing Style

Telford is a great writer and I have no trouble seeing why she was nominated for literary awards.

Sheena's favourite novels - reviewed on TheLesbianReview.comThe Conclusion

Get The Magistrate first and then you absolutely must read this book.

It is completely different from the first in the series but it tells an equally compelling story.

Excerpt from The Procuress by Keira Michelle Telford

Before Lina has a half chance to process that, Maribeth pushes her legs wider apart, causing her to panic; she can’t bear the thought of being touched by anyone but Carmen. When she feels Maribeth’s fingers creeping over the top of her stocking again, she lifts her leg and slips off her shoe – under the guise of wrapping her leg around Maribeth’ waist – then flings her footwear at the coffee table.

Perfectly aimed, the shoe hits the open bottle of brandy and knocks it over. There’s a loud crack as it falls on the tempered glass tabletop, followed by a squeal from the dancing tart, and a deep reddy-brown liquid polls everywhere, dripping off the edge of the coffee table onto Maribeth’s antique rug.

Finally! That gets Maribeth’s attention.

“Shit. I’m sorry.” Lina tries to look sincere.

Glaring at the mess, Maribeth saves what little brandy she can inside the bottle, then dashes out of the room to find some paper towel and a damp cloth.

Left to her own devices, Lina clutches at her loosened corset and makes a beeline for the black jacket. A quick inspection reveals that it is indeed a Magistrate’s jacket.

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Book Details:

ISBN: 9780992011505

Publisher: Venatic Press

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