The Panty Thief by Annette Mori: New Release

Joey Hartford is a fourth-year medical student who often jokes about her jealous mistress—medical school. She insists she doesn’t have time for a relationship given the disastrous consequence of a diversion from her studies, but the new tenant in her apartment building is proving too tempting to ignore.

Sabrina is also in her final year of her doctoral program. Her focus is on completing her dissertation for a topic she has long lost her passion for. Meeting Joey is dangerous for so many reasons. She should know, because mental health is her specialty?

Add to the mix a suicidal ex-girlfriend who suddenly reappears in Sabrina’s life along with Joey’s jealous ‘friend-with-benefits’, and things can’t help but get complicated quickly.

Find out what happens in this humorous contemporary romance from award-winning Affinity Rainbow Publications author, Annette Mori.




  • Title: The Panty Thief
  • Author: Annette Mori
  • Release date: 29 Feb 2020
  • Publisher: Affinity Rainbow Publications
  • Genre: Romance

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