The Music And The Mirror by Lola KeeleyThe Music And The Mirror by Lola Keeley is a story about owning your own power, embracing uncertainty and taking a chance on love despite the challenges you may face.

Being the new girl at the ballet company of her dreams is so much more than Anna could ever hope for and she is bursting with excitement. First impressions are supposed to be the best impressions, however, Anna makes a random mishap almost blows her career and the chance to impress her childhood idol, Victoria Ford. Luckily for Anna, her talent, focus and determination make her stand out from the rest of the ballerinas and she becomes the candidate of choice for Victoria’s plans for the new season.

Anna just wants to dance and make new friends but outrage over her sudden rise in status, petty jealousies and being on the guard against injury set her apart from the rest of the company. Everything hinges on Anna’s success and she hopes that her best will be enough to prove the naysayers wrong. 

Will Anna and Victoria be able to navigate the murky waters of their fears, assumptions and the opinions of others?  Will they be able to dance to the beat of the passion that slowly builds between them?

The Characters

Anna is such a sweetheart! She wears her heart on more than just her sleeve. Anna’s kind-hearted nature is refreshing and endearing in such a cut-throat and competitive industry. I really admire her because she’s got a lot of ovaries to put herself out there and do her best despite her doubts and the challenges she faces with fellow dancers in the company.

Victoria is a woman of steel and sharp edges yet she possesses so much tenderness within her. At first, I did not know whether to love or hate her but as the story progressed I got to understand all of her quirky traits. I have so much respect for Victoria because she has sacrificed so much for her love of ballet and she genuinely cares for the ballerinas she is charged with training.

The Writing Style

This story delighted me from the beginning to the end because the characters were so relatable and flawed with their emotional baggage and personality quirks. In addition, I was very pleased with the way Lola Keeley brought each character to life for me with the seamless and steady flow of witty banter between each character. I also appreciated the way the author gave me such vivid descriptions of the movements the dancers made while they were practicing and performing on stage.

The Pros

I really love the way Lola Keeley gives me such a detailed description of what life is like for a ballerina and anyone else who works in the performing arts industry.

The Cons

I have no complaints because I loved every word of this story!

taras favourite lesbian books

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This captivating story took me down the hallways of the dance studio and right into the innermost thoughts and feelings of these amazing women who eat, sleep, breathe and live their passion for dancing. I must say that I got so emotionally invested in Anna and Victoria’s world because I just couldn’t stop reading even when my eyes grew heavy in the wee hours of the morning. If you enjoy smoking hot ice queens and an eager protégé or two, then this is definitely the story for you!

Excerpt from The Music And The Mirror by Lola Keeley

“Good note,” Anna says, working her arms up, out, and over in repetition. She’s barely gotten up on her toes for the first time, her muscles slow to wake, when the door flies open with a bang. She lets herself fall into a forward port de bras, clearing her head and getting her blood rushing in one.

It’s what distracts her from the moment she’s been desperately trying not to fixate on. Victoria Ford is a legend for a reason, and Anna’s been trying to concentrate on almost anything about her new job that will keep her from thinking about working with maybe the greatest ballerina in modern history.

“Good morning, mes danseurs,” Victoria greets them, striding to the front of the room and receiving the rapt attention of every person without so much as raising her voice.

Anna is holding her breath, scared that somehow she’ll shatter the moment she’s given up almost every morning, evening, and weekend for over these past few years.

“Welcome to our new season.”

A polite round of applause ripples through the room. Anna joins enthusiastically, clapping a second too long and blushing at her own exuberance.

“Despite certain changes to the selection of our dancers this year, I believe this will be our most dazzling season yet. I’m putting together a program that will be spellbinding, brilliant, and most important? Hot.”

Some of the more established dancers cheer. Anna doesn’t dare, the sound dying in her throat. Victoria fusses with her necklace, a dark metal with a knot as its focal point. It brings her collarbones into sharp relief above the flat neckline of her Bardot-style black top.

“But for now, it’s Tuesday morning and you are all at my mercy.”

The laughter is a little more nervous this time. Anna’s already convinced this woman means it. Rolling her ankle, which is still just a little crunchy from the past two days of travel and limited rehearsal, Anna lets her gaze flicker from person to person as they straighten up even more, clearly waiting for instruction.

“Teresa, if you please.”

The dark-haired pianist Anna hadn’t noticed until that moment strikes up with the theme from Jaws.

There’s a burst of laughter, and Victoria fixes her with an indulgent glare. “Something more appropriate, perhaps?”

The music changes to something classical. Anna is too jittery to pluck out its correct name.

“Let’s begin,” Victoria says.

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