The-Long-Weekend-by-Clare-LydonThe long weekend by Clare Lydon is a cute lesbian book about an old set of university friends meeting for their 20 year reunion during a short vacation over the Easter weekend.

While, I liked this book, I did not enjoy it as much as Lydon’s book, London Calling. This is mostly because I was expecting the same light romance feel.

The Long Weekend is not a light romance but it is a good, original story in its own right.

The book follows three lesbian couples, a gay couple and their single lesbian friend during their 20 year university reunion at the most wonderful sounding beach house in Devon.

The story features the resurrection of a marriage on the rocks, a one-night-stand, a break up and an engagement.

The Characters

The Long Weekend is made up of an ensemble cast, which is something that I usually like, however I felt that the characters or couples were at times difficult to tell apart, particularly Laura and Tash, and Kat and Abby.

They were all different and should have been easy to tell apart, but a lack of character depth made them somewhat interchangeable.

I did love Geri, the lone singleton in the group and I was sad that she didn’t get a bigger storyline. I loved her so much that I would read a book where she was the main character (pretty please Clare!).

The Writing Style

The writing style is clean and nicely paced. You will enjoy it if you are a fan of the chick lit genre.

I like the way Lydon writes. Her books are well paced and easy to read.

The Pros

The Long Weekend is light lesbian chick lit with an entertaining storyline that does not rely on sex to keep it interesting.

The Cons

Some of the characters could have been more fleshed out.

The Conclusion

The Long Weekend by Clare Lydon is worth a read. Don’t expect a romance and you will enjoy it.

Excerpt from The Long Weekend by Clare Lydon

On the plus side, Geri was now a CID sergeant in London. As well as a desire to help others, the desire to be Christine Cagney had always been at the forefront of Geri’s life and she’d achieved her dream. A by-product of that dream was that it made her ridiculously attractive to women, something that’d never been lost on Geri.


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