The Firefarer by Kate Cudahy book reviewThe Firefarer by Kate Cudahy was just…WOAH. After I finished this book I just did one of those *stares at a wall for an hour thinking about what just happened*. What an epic Odyssey. When I started this book I wasn’t sure if this was a lesfic so I put it down a few times…but no matter how hard I tried to stay away I kept coming back. This book is more of a lesfic crossover. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone but I have no regrets.

Hori is the foretold Firefarer of his time and Muna is Hori’s sister. She is charged with protecting him from people that would use him for their own purposes in the impending war against the three races; Ahi, Raunch, and Pagi.

Vito is a monk who has lived in a monastery his whole life. That is up until a band of Ahi warriors attack, burn, and kill everything Vito knows and loves. He joins Andre, the Pagi girl that saves him from a fiery death, on her journey to find the treasure she seeks.

Moran, a Raunch woman, has been rejected by her own people and called a traitor simply because she fell in love with a Pagi. The Raunch leader, the Golach, has given her one chance at redemption. She along with her sister Carin, whose name is tainted by the blood the sisters share, must find the Firefarer and bring him back to the forsaken people of the Raunch.

“Three exiles, one destiny.”

The Characters

This book has such an amazing cast of characters.

Moran is forced onto the road with little street smarts.

Carin was intense and riveting. Her blood hunger and craze is portrayed magnificently.

Vito is most consistent in being depicted as naïve.

Andre and Hori remain a little bit of a mystery because we never truly get to see what is going on inside of their heads or see them interact with as many characters as we do with the others.

There are many characters in this story but I don’t want that to discourage anyone. The characters are introduced at a good steady pace so that it wasn’t confusing nor did it feel like an information dump.

The Writing Style

The pacing was perfect.

The Pros

The way the book ended is really my favorite part and I cannot divulge what happens here, but know that it was an EPIC ending.

The Cons

I feel like there should just be a warning section.

I didn’t have any cons by the time I finished the story but there is this:

  • Romance is a part of the story but it’s only a small part.
  • Vito has a crush on a lesbian but the story doesn’t spend much time on that.
  • It is a lesfic but one of the characters lies with a man.

brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

As a super lesbian who barely likes men in her lesfic stories let alone one with such a strong role, I really loved this book. It’s a unique fantastic journey. I encourage anyone looking for a lesfic that’s a little different and looking for adventure to try this.

Excerpt from The Firefarer by Kate Cudahy

With a sudden cry, Rando rose, standing over Hori’s trembling body, half screaming, half shouting in Pagese.

“Run, Muna. He wants you to run,” Hieronimo yelled, and Muna pulled at Hori’s hand, dragging him backwards off the cart just as the air grew thick and dense with arrow fire. She turned back to see Rando shot through, his body crumpling and tipping back off the cart to be trampled beneath the legs of horses. Dragged from his seat, Hieronimo was hauled into the road, axes and spears rising above him, then plunging down, then up again, then down.

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Note: I received a free review copy of The Firefarer by Kate Cudahy. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books. 

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