The Details in the Design by Shannon HarrisThe Details In The Design by Shannon Harris was a light, adorable read that I enjoyed immensely.

Avery Michaels quits her job working for a food critic, and signs up with an employment agency that promises they can get her a dream job. Her dream and passion is working in the fashion industry. They call back the next day with the opportunity to work with Catherine Davenport Designs. Avery is ecstatic. The only problem? The massive crush Avery has had on Catherine Davenport for the last six years.

After she starts work, she realizes that her crush was for a fantasy image of the designer. The reality of the woman makes her feelings so much deeper. But she’ll have to face some big hurdles in her quest for a meaningful relationship, not least Catherine’s two 14 year old daughters, a jealous assistant, and an old flame who’s trying to reignite the past with Catherine. And every time she thinks she’s moving forward, something else seems to block her way.

The Characters

Avery Michaels is our pov character. The whole story is from her point of view, and she’s a very likable woman. She’s loved fashion since she was six years old, and due to an inheritance from her grandmother, she’s been able to indulge in that passion with her personal wardrobe. Working for Catherine Davenport Designs is a dream come true, and the only thing that would make it better is if she was able to make a personal connection with the fashion designer herself. She’s decided to go big, and engage in an all out campaign to woo Catherine.

Catherine Davenport has been one of the most successful fashion designers for over two decades. It has isolated her in her glass-walled office. She’s an extremely private person, and her privacy extends over her two children as well. But she yearns for someone to share her life, to see her for the woman she is underneath. Avery’s wooing may just be what they both need.

The Writing Style

This book is well paced and easy to read. The singular point of view works really well. We see Avery’s feelings and thoughts, but Catherine remains isolated and a mystery to us as much as she does Avery. While singular povs in romances tend to make me feel like I don’t get enough feeling from the love interest, Harris does an excellent job of giving readers a view into Catherine’s thoughts and feelings.

The Pros

This was definitely a sweet romance, one where it was easy to root for the main character, and incidentally all the other characters at the same time. The story was definitely a feel-good read.

The Cons

Two things that I’ll mention in this section: one, if this was a final version of the published manuscript, it needed more editing. I usually don’t mention editing, since a few mistakes are inevitable. However there were enough mistakes in this book that it was a noticeable distraction. Two, I am not sure whether or not I’m correct, but this read like it was fanfic of The Devil Wears Prada. This wasn’t a con for me – I enjoyed the story even though I’ve never seen the movie. But it might be something that concerns others.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a sweet, enjoyable romance, this book definitely fits the bill.

Excerpt from The Details In The Design by Shannon Harris

“I think it’s wonderful you’re encouraging them in their hobbies and I have no problem with that. Will she be in tomorrow?” Catherine nodded. “Does she prefer coffee or tea?” At Catherine’s raised eyebrow, Avery clarified. “I’ll pick her up something to drink. I prefer tea.”

“With lemon and honey.”

“How’d you know that?” That was certainly unexpected, but just to know Catherine paid attention set her heart racing and she couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her lips.

Catherine ran the tip of her glasses over her lips. “Lucky guess.”

“Right,” Avery drawled. “So?” She had to fight to keep from squirming in her chair. All it took was one look from Catherine to set her on fire.


“And what about you? I know you took the coffee I brought in this morning black, but is that what you prefer?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Good to know.”

Catherine laid her palms on the desktop. “All right, I guess that’s it for now. Keep up the good work.”

Avery nodded and her eyes were instantly drawn to the flowers. “Pretty flowers.”

Catherine fingered the petals of one of the flowers. “Yes, they are. You were out when they were delivered. Speaking of out. Did you get your phone taken care of?” She slipped her glasses back on and it was the sexiest thing Avery had ever seen.

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