The Curvy Side Of Life by Suzie Carr is a sweet story that focuses on the curves that show up on the road of life. When we’re confronted with these curves, it’s best to turn into them to maximize the best possible outcome.

With her divorce safely in the rearview mirror, Faith Miller is ready to move on. However, a few unavoidable obstacles have popped up to keep her from doing so. Between squirrels eating her car, being laid off from her job, and her ex-husband, Stuart, playing house with his mistress, Faith has had enough. She decides what she needs is time away from all this negativity. So she packs up her daughter, Bristol, and heads at her sister’s lake house in Rhode Island for the summer.

Faith hopes this time will allow her to get her life together. Instead she gets a full-on adventure with her sister’s live in in-laws, complete with a gorgeous neighbor, Candace, to gawk at each morning. As the summer heats up, so do the possibilities between Faith and Candace. But Faith needs to stay focused, get her life back on track, and care for Bristol. No matter what Faith tries, Candace continues to pull on her heart strings, leading Faith to believe something more serious could be brewing.

Will Faith be able to explore what this new love has to offer? Or will she continue to keep her heart closed off from the potential of unconditional happiness?

The Characters

What I love about all these characters is they embody the good, the bad, and the in between of life.

We meet Faith, a woman who has become weary of what the world has given her lately. When she goes to Rhode Island, Danielle, Martina, and Lucia have every intention of showing her all the good life has to offer. And what better way to do that than to help nurture Faith’s attraction to stunningly hot yoga-goddess neighbor, Candace.

Carr doesn’t give us much on Candace, but I feel that is appropriate. To Faith, Candace represents the good in life, something that she doesn’t feel is tangible as of late. But as the summer progresses, we find Candace is very kind and loving. Her friendly demeanor allows her to spark a special and important relationship with Bristol. Faith has no problem with Candace being a friend. But any hint of romance brings all of Faith’s old fears to the surface. It will be up to Danielle, Lucia and Martina (the experts in finding the good behind the bad)  to convince Faith that Candace is not a wreck waiting to happen. She is the curve that will lead Faith to love.

The Writing Style

In a lot of ways, this story reads like a modern Shakespearean comedy. You have the protagonist, Faith, who’s had a bad run of life and is looking for a break. Her unrequited love is Candace. The antagonist, in some sense, would have to be her ex-husband Stuart, who keeps causing concerns for Faith. And the three women – Danielle, Lucia, and Martina – are the sirens who give advice and wisdom. In addition, like all great comedies, there is a great misunderstanding that keeps the lovers apart until the end. It’s a very classic and eloquent style that Carr has been able to pull in to this contemporary romance and create a compelling story.

The Pros

I love this family! Carr does an amazing job of giving us such a wonderful, funny, whimsical, and supportive household for Faith. These women make this story so much fun and they give us so much wisdom. Everyone is going to wish they had a family like this.

The Cons

I felt Faith was a little too pessimistic at times. I wanted to reach out and shake her at certain points, which I’m sure is the reaction Carr was trying to invoke with this character. However, as frustrating as Faith was at times, I don’t think we would’ve gotten such great advice from the rest of the characters if she wasn’t that way.

annas favourite booksThe Conclusion

For anyone who has had a rough time as of late, this is a really good book for you to pick up and read. I believe all of us can relate to Faith because there are points where we feel that life is just kicking us when we’re down. With this story, Carr gives us a different perspective. She has us look at these “bad things,” and ask are they really bad? Or are they the curves that redirect us to our true happiness?

This book has great humor, great advice, and most importantly great love. If you’re in a place where everything just feels wrong, pick up this book and learn how to lean into the curves of life.

Excerpt from The Curvy Side Of Life by Suzie Carr

One night, she dreamed about the yoga goddess. Faith sat in the middle of an empty room. A lone spotlight shone down on her. Then, a deep and guttural beat rose from beneath her, from the core of Mother Earth. Her chair vibrated and began to spin. Then, out of the dark corner of that empty room emerged the yoga goddess dressed in an elegant, white negligee. A sense of longing stood between them, blocking their ability to touch. A steamy haze that smelled of vanilla musk curled up around their waists enveloping them into a secret pocket of space where the outside world could not find them.

Memories of an exchanged past billowed in that haze, memories of when they loved each other and would die for one another. The haze both protected and separated them. Faith longed to touch the woman, to connect to her soul. They could only watch each other and demonstrate their love from the space they occupied, though. So, Faith proceeded to show her love, at first by tracing her finger in those places that she herself enjoyed, on the wetness of lips, in the hollow of her neck, below her ear, down the edge of her collarbone toward the deep valley leading to her breasts.

The woman responded with gentle murmurs and cries for more. Soon, the woman began a journey down her own skin, teasing Faith with her daring trajectory. As their self-travels took them to that sweet place where pleasure waited, the haze circled and swept them up into a passionate dance that erupted into a series of wild flicks, leaving them hungry for more.

She awoke dizzy a deliriously turned on. She remembered every single detail of that dream, and no way in hell would Martina and Lucia get their curious minds working around it.

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