That Certain Something by Clare AshtonThat Certain Something by Clare Ashton is a story about two women who are drawn together for a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime night.

Pia is up a tree taking a photo, paparazzi style, when she falls out of the tree and meets Cate.
Cate seems to be the exact opposite to Pia, where Pia is dark and short and a little scruffy, Cate is light and well bred and gorgeous.
But the attraction between the two is undeniable and they embark on a gorgeous night that neither women will ever forget.
In the morning, Cate is gone and Pia is left without any idea as to this mysterious woman really was.
It seems, though, that fate has a rather intense ride in store for Pia as the photographer gets a job of a lifetime only to discover it may not be all she thought it was. 

The Characters

Pia Benitez-Smith is an exceptional photographer that lands a job at a new magazine. It seems to be her first real job and she is thrilled that she gets to follow her passion and make money.

Cate is an elegant, upper-class woman who is mysterious, beautiful and drop dead gorgeous.

Pia’s mother is also a fairly main character. She brings some much-needed balance into Pia’s life.

Cate’s grandmother and grandfather are also fairly regular characters. Her grandmother is very accepting of Cate, however her grandfather is a raging homophobic old man with very bad eyesight and a love for guns. This leads to some entertaining situations.

The Writing Style

Clare Ashton writes beautifully. Her use of language makes me want to weep with delight and her character work is simply gorgeous.

The Pros

The book flows smoothly and fast enough for me to have read it in about two days. There were no stagnant scenes and it wasn’t predictable.

The Cons

At the beginning of the book we see the story from both main characters’ point of view. I enjoyed this story telling technique and was sad that it didn’t appear again in the book I would have liked to see the story from Cate’s point of view again as we see the rest of the book just from Pia’s side. Having said that. I really did love this book.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

If you are looking for a well written romance then look no further. You won’t see the twists coming and you will be utterly entertained by this book.

Excerpt from That Certain Something by Clare Ashton

Cate was about to hand over the camera, but noticed that Pia’s demeanor had changed. She appeared vulnerable all of a sudden. Her eyes were wide and her features soft with awe.

The change from the ferocious photographer spitting out words against the minister was perplexing. Cate knelt down. Pia’s shocked stare followed her.

“Are you all right?” Cate said, reaching out to hold her face.

She touched her cheek with the very tip of her fingers. The sensation of Pia’s soft warm skin thrilled her senses. Her fingertips tingled. The pleasure hummed through her arms and flittered deep inside. She couldn’t movie. She was like a statue, albeit one whose heart beat quick and whose blood ran hot.

“I’m fine thank you,” Pia said, blinking over those huge eyes. Deepest, hazel eyes, with blackest pupils engulfing them. Cate found herself being drawn closer, enthralled by the dark pools, wanting to peer deeper and deeper. For a moment their gazes locked and the young woman stared back with the same intense consumption. It felt like Pia could see right through her: every atom, every secret, every moment of Cate’s life.

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