Terrible Priase by Lara HayesI picked up Terrible Praise by Lara Hayes to skim while trying to decide which book I wanted to read next. It was like looking into the eyes of a vampire. I was ensnared and hypnotized before I knew it. I had been trapped and quickly fell prey.

Stella has lived hundreds of years by Fane, her maker’s, side. For centuries she has carried out his wishes and vanquished those who wish to cause him harm or stand in his way. As centuries pass violence and weapons begin to have no place in the modern world. Her sword gets replaced with something much mightier, …a pen and calculator for that matter. As Fane’s new family accountant life just isn’t the same anymore and Stella becomes complacent.

On a night when Stela is out late, because of a meeting, she has to go to the hospital to feed and runs into one, Ms Elizabeth Dumas. A mistake, a slip of the tongue, that is all it takes. Stela gives Elizabeth her real name inadvertently committing treason against her creator Fane. Thousands of years of hiding and protection created by Fane are in jeopardy if Elizabeth ever finds out the truth about vampires.

Elizabeth Dumas can’t tell if she’s caught in a vampires thrall or just living through her very own waking nightmare. Between her hospital job and taking care of her mother who has early onset of Dementia and Alzheimer’s, she gets no sleep.

The feeling of a presence crawls all over her skin, familiar yet foreign. Shadows are at the end of every hallway and in the dark corners of every room. Either she is being hunted by something she dare not give a name to or worse, she is going crazy like her mother.

Both women are unprepared for the door that has opened between them.

The Characters

The leading ladies are Stella and Elizabeth, I enjoyed the way they were written especially Elizabeth. Her actions were rational and logical which I can get behind.

Stela has a mysterious air to her and I love that sort of thing.

The Writing Style

I LOVE a first person that is written well. So this book checks off all my qualifications for first person which is; written well. A good first person can really pique my curiosity and keep me guessing and Lara Hayes had me confused (is she really crazy?!) but never lost and always interested.

The Pros

I loved the writing style the most because I don’t come by a good first person story often and the book had strong lines.

The Cons

In the beginning both women have a flirty-esk relationship with men, more of an FYI than a con.

The Conclusion

I just gave a romance book two thumbs up. So you know this book is amazing just read it.

Excerpt from Terrible Praise by Lara Hayes

I spend half my shift pulling myself back to the present and focusing on what I can control, while reassuring my more observant coworkers than I’m no longer ill. Stomach bug, a twenty-four-hour virus. I’m sure they know a lie when they hear one, but I have a spotless track record. I’m a model employee. I was a model student once too.

There’s a new face in room four-twelve. Mr. Greer. Several patients have come and gone through that door over the last few weeks, and thankfully Mr. Greer is none of my concern tonight. That small forgotten corner of our wing frightens me beyond reason. Every time I pass the room, the stench of dried blood plagues me.

Last week, I was certain that I felt a presence lingering in the door, but when I turned around I was alone—exactly as expected considering the hour. I turned just in time for a rush of air to sweep across my cheek, and watched in silent apprehension as the emergency exit drifted closed. Remembering it now makes my blood run cold, and I find myself absently stroking the skin of my wrist. The place her fingers fit around so perfectly, before she pinned me down. I haven’t been able to shake the memory of her touch all day.

Frustrated by my own paranoia, I busy myself. Whatever I can put my hands on I rearrange to keep occupied. I refuse to continue with this ridiculous notion that a woman I met once, and briefly at that, has made it her mission in life to lurk behind my closed shower curtain, just around the corner, directly behind me, in the hall, on the subway platform, or is inexplicably planting violins to garner my attention.

The absurdity causes me to break out with hysterical laughter.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 9781594935978
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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